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An NYSC Corper serving in Lagos by name Alvan Chinaka has revealed through this Facebook post that if he was given a chance, he will create 2000-3000 jobs, boost her revenue and delete ONE CHANCE from the history of Lagos State.

Read what he said,

After my five years in the Federal University Of Technology Owerri, studying Physics, I was so excited to go out into the Labor market to labor legitimately, show the world what I have learnt from the four walls of the university and most importantly contribute meaningfully in making the world a better place.

Days came and passed by. Seasons came and went just like days. In all these days and seasons, I was waiting earnestly for the call. A great call that can distinguish. A call that comes with a task, to serve under the rain and in the sun. A call from Abuja. A call from NYSC, to serve and serve wholeheartedly.
On November 24, 2016, I got my call up letter from NYSC, and it happened that I was posted to serve in Lagos State. I have heard so much about Lagos State, even though I was not a new comer. I have heard about the ‘OMONILE’, the ‘JAGABANS’, the POPULAR ONE-CHANCE and the real ‘LAGOSIANS’ . I also heard that it’s a ‘NO MANS LAND’. I was told that nobody welcomes anybody to Lagos, because this is Lagos. Infact just like His Excellency President Mohammadu Buhari will say, ‘Lagos belongs to nobody, but everybody’, no wonder it is the centre of excellence. In all these, I was ready for Lagos, to give to her and take as well.

On that fateful day, after dressing up for CDS, I entered a Lagos Yellow Bus at Cele, going to Oshodi since my Local Government was there. The driver and his conductor were young Nigerians like me. They wore no smile nor make up. Their faces were just straight and focused on calling out to the passengers by shouting ‘OSHO-DI’ OSHO-DI’……Hold your N100 change. Since I have heard that Lagos is a NO MANS LAND, I maintained my cool and kept my face straight just like them. Along the line, the bus driver changed the direction of our bus, at this time, it dawned on me that I have entered  that “LAGOS ONE-CHANCE” I heard about.  I was the only lamb in the midst of wolves, because all the passengers in the bus were all together in one mission and vision with the driver.
I was robbed by these men. They took all that I had with me. They left me helpless with nothing, and empty handed I became, as if I am leaving the world.

Now the activities of these ONE-CHANCE operators in Lagos State, is a wind that never blows good to anyone. It Is a social menace that has eaten deep into the fabrics of our dear Lagos State. It leaves Lagosians helpless, aimless and lifeless in most occasions. It has dented the image of our Centre of Excellence, making it a terror even in broad day light.

After many research works, tests and countless number of sleepless nights. After my terrible experience in the hands of the these ONE-CHANCE operators, I was able to come up with a MODEL and SOFTWARE , which will STOP the operation of ONE-CHANCE in Lagos State and other parts of the country. This MODEL and SOFTWARE, I have tested and it worked perfectly. The beauty of it, is that if it is granted audience by the Lagos State Government, it will create jobs to 2,000-3,000 youths in Lagos State, and same time, will generate  more than Eight Hundred Million Naira (N800,000,000M) for Lagos State government in a year. This amount is aside the daily revenue that it will generate daily.
All I need, is for the Lagos State Government to grant me a go ahead order, and I will bring the issue of ONE-CHANCE operation and the operators on their knees. The system is open to absorb them, and also create massive job opportunity to our teeming youths and school leavers.

My name is Alvan Chinaka. I write from my Local Government of primary assignment(PPA), Oshodi-Isolo in Lagos State. Give me a chance, and I will create 2,000-3,000 jobs in Lagos State, boost her revenue, and delete entirely, ONE-CHANCE from the history of Lagos State.
Alvan Chinaka

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