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A leader in Okigwe Zone, Dr Ike C. Ibe, on Friday at the Ugwu Ekwema center felicitated with the people of Owerri in their mourning period over the forceful demolition and relocation of the Ekeukwu Owerri Market, leading to at least death of three persons and many injured.

He condemned the demolition of the market and told the people of Owerri, that though he is from Okigwe Zone he is part of the people of Owerri because he was born in Emekuku in Owerri North LGA.

He said: "I got notice of this gathering through the social media, that the people of Owerri will be gathering here. So I decided to be here.

"I am not the leader of Okigwe Zone but I am one of the leaders. I also part of Owerri because I was born in Emekuku and I have lived in Owerri for the past 26 years.

"What happened to Owerri people happened to all Imo people. No stranger can come to a place and dislocate the people or destroy their heritage. No stranger can destroy the resting abode of the ancestors of the people."

Also, speaking with the press at the end of the event, Dr Ibe who has declared his intension to run for the governorship election in Imo State under the banner of the All Progressive Grand (APGA), said he believes that the essence of governance is to do the greatest good to the greatest number of people, stressing that the havoc that was meted to the people in the course of the forceful eviction of traders at Ekeukwu Market and the attendant demolition was uncalled for.

He promised to revisit most policies of the Okorocha administration if he becomes governor in 2019.

He said "on the Ekeukwu ancestral desecration, I stand with the people. Let my people have peace. The ancestors are angry. Let the records reflect that I spoke out and commiserated. Imo must be Liberated."


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