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BURSTED! A Facebook Group Where Members Get 60k By Typing 'Amen' Uncovered. 

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While you all men are on facebook groups to catch babes, these ladies are making money on a particular 'closed' facebook group.

So, there has been this facebook group that women secretly go to get as much of 50k,60,70k and sometimes bellow just by typing 'Amen' on 'testimony' threads of those already given. 

The facebook group, Ifeanyicy.com learnt,  goes by the name 'Sisterhood Africa'‎ and it is strictly for women.  

According to the Group's info; the owner of the group Nonnie Robberson said "Sister-Hood Africa is a house of mind bugging Testimonies and solutions. A forum where women share their diverse issues, challenges.... "

It sounds jokingly but it is true. 

As you can see from their 'testimonies' on the screenshots.

The group is one of the most sought after the moment from desperate miracle seeking women as a particular post garners over 170,000 comments and likes.

The group has over 2 million members who re predominantly African women. 

No one really know the sources of such 'alerts' but most women IfeanyiCy.com interviewed said what they care was that they got the money.

Mystrious things happening in mystrious times. 

Some of the people IfeannyiCy.com sought their opinion about the group thinks it is another con artist, of probably coming to swindle these miracle seeking vunulerable women just like MMM did recently with their 'all good to be true' tactics.

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