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BREAKING NEWS!!! Facebook Pulls Sisterhood Africa Down

• Members Laments, curses Facebook.

Bearing any last minute changes; the notorious only-women groups ‎on Facebook, Sisterhood Africa, has been pulled down by Facebook, IfeanyiCy.com can authoritatively reveal. 

‎The group where members are rewarded 50k,60k etc as the case may be by just typing 'amen' on 'testimony' thread were brought down by facebook after their unusual money ritual facebook activities were unboxed by one of our reporters. 

As members lick their wounds and wriggle their hands  in pains, what may have informed  the decision of Facebook to pull down the fast rising group only-women group is still a mystery as mysterious as the sources of the group's funds used in sending members bank credit alerts.

Meanwhile, the owner of the group laments attacks from 'the pit of hell' as responsible. 

In a circular sent out to her members and obtained by IfeanyiCy.com , Nonnie Robberson wrote; "‎A wicked malicious vicious false allegations/attack was brought up against sisterhood-africa , Her management and I from the pit of hell, coven of witch craft to weaken her hands and cast aspersions..... BUT GOD !!!!?" 

Recall that IfeanyiCy.com did burst the suspicious only-women facebook group where members get paid for typing amen, whose suspicious and ritual-like activities may have gotten Facebook to take a hard stance of pulling it down.

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