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“Our profound gratitude goes specially to Dickens Sanomi Foundation for making it all happen and for being at the hospital with Ali..
“This surgery was made possible by the esteemed Foundation.
The Founder of Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care (GIPLC), Mr. Nuhu Fulani Kwajafa, who collaborated with the Sanomi Foundation, how Ali was picked up before finally landing in Dubai.
God made it possible after five to six hours of surgery and 48 hours in intensive care.
“This determined six-year old boy got off his bed and decided to walk despite doctors’ expectations that he would need physiotherapy to learn to walk again at least three weeks after surgery.
“This made my day and I am so proud of the Dickens Sanomi Foundation for making this surgery possible financially.”
This is to say a big thank you from Ali’s family and GIPLC.
He said: “After five hours on the 17th of September and almost 48 hours in Intensive Care Unit, Ali Ahmadu had a very successful procedure.


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