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...Says Owerri and Okigwe Zones are equal to the task of resisting evil plans against Imo in 2019.

Olu Owerri has received with great concern,  the revelation by the Deputy Chief Of Staff, Mr Uju Kingsley that the Governor, Rochas Okorocha plans to "write results" to foist his son Inlaw, Uche Nwosu on Imo people in 2019 without any input from Owerri and Okigwe zones.

The President of Olu Owerri, Chief Martin Opara who reacted to the statement in Owerri after receiving the Okigwe Students Movement in his office said the Governor and his agents are testing the patience of ndi Imo and will certainly know that power belongs to God and the masses.

"I am not holding brief for Okigwe Zone but I am aware the good people of Okigwe, just like all of us in Owerri zone will not allow the emperor-like reigns of one family in Imo beyond 2019. I can confidently tell ndi Imo that the said insult is not coming from the good people of Orlu zone rather, from the Governor's family. We are all aware that the plans by the Governor to handpick his son Inlaw as successor in 2019 is not intended to serve the interest of Orlu zone, rather, to continue the reigns of the Okorocha's dynasty in Imo, God forbid".

He called on Okigwe and Owerri people to see the said revaluations as a challenge, urging them to show that they are humans, not animals and advised Orlu people to show their gentleman spirit and patriotism by supporting the emergence of an Imo Governor of Owerri Zone extraction in 2019.

He however warned against any attempt by individuals or security Agencies to rig elections, saying the consequences may dissolve Imo as a State.

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