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In a press statement made available to Ifeanyicy.com, the Owerri Young Patriots, speaking through her President, Prince Chidi Obi has condemned in strong terms the unwarranted killings of Imo people and the use of excessive force by the Okorocha led Imo State Government in the demolition of Owerri Ancestral Market, otherwise called Ekeukwu Owerri, yesterday, August 26, 2017.

His statement reads:


Democracy is supposed to be government of the people and by the people; but the total abuse of the executive powers yesterday has shown the whole world that to Governor Rochas Okorocha, government is not by the people nor for the people.
The Owerri Young Patriots Assembly use this medium to express our total disappointment at the Imo State Government lead by Rochas Okorocha over the high handedness and total disregard of the lives and properties of the people of Imo State which he brazenly displayed yesterday when even before the elapsing of the 48 hours deadline given for the evacuation of the Eke Ukwu Market, he ordered the destruction of shops along with the goods belonging to Imo people and in the process three Imo lives where lost which included 10 year old Solomon.

A reasonable, responsible and people oriented government would have provided suitable alternative for the traders to move to or better still found ways of decongesting the market without resorting to violence or killing of Imo people. What about those that own shops at Eke Ukwu? Were they adequately compensated or have they lost their investments? A shop at Eke Ukwu is worth about N5million and by this singular action of destroying those shops without compensation, Governor Rochas Okorocha has further impoverished tens of thousands of Imolites whose sources of livelihood he destroyed as well as caused tears and sorrow in three homes who have lost their loved ones due to his oppressive and irresponsible actions.
We were also reliably informed that Governor Rochas Okorocha's family were not even in Imo State for fear of an uprising similar to the Otokoto riots. So he valued the lives and safety of his family this much but does not value the lives and well-being of Imo people to the extent of unleashing soldiers on civilians who in their indiscriminate discharge of their firearms had led to the loss of lives of Imo people.
We want to remind you Governor Rochas Okorocha that Imo people did not vote you to kill us. We did not vote you to take away our lands or destroy our properties. We did not vote you to turn us into paupers but you have succeeded in killing us, taking away our lands, destroying our homes and businesses as well as our sources of livelihood. Governor Okorocha, you have gradually succeeded in your plans to turn Imo people into paupers.
We can only remind you that POWER IS TRANSIENT.

We now call on all the leaders of Owerri Zone to sit up to your responsibilities as leaders to the people who look up to you.
May God grant the families who lost loved ones the fortitude to bear the loss and grant them justice against those who killed their loved ones in the same measures.
May God save the people of Imo State from the hands of oppressive dictators who want to turn Imo State into an extension of their family empire.
God bless the good people of Imo State.

Owerri Young Patriots.

Irobi Darlington
(Publicity Secretary)

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