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By Chidiebube Okeoma

The social media has been awash with the campaign posters which captured, UCHE NWOSU, Chief of staff to the governor of IMO state, Rochas Okorocha, allegedly  declaring to contest for the governorship position of the state in 2019.
The posters with the headline "CHOSEN 2019" were said to be sponsored by UGWUMBA MOVEMENT, a political platform championing the political fortunes of the youthful Politician.
While we await the acceptance or otherwise knowledge of the posters by the chief aide of the governor, one thing is imperative, like every other IMO son, who is of age and with a clean bill of health, he is constitutionally empowered to gun for IMO plum position.

I advice the graduate of Urban and Regional Planning from the prestigious IMO state University, Owerri , to instead of keeping IMO people, especially his supporters in suspense which at times gives him negative publicity, he should take the bold step and declare.
The act of who will become the next governor of IMO  state will be decided by the 27 Local Government Areas of the state, with the 305 wards, actively participating. That is the beauty of democracy.
The idea of throwing balls to know the thoughts of the people as far as the ambition is concerned should be condemned . The other time was a declaration script informing the people his not yet official intent to vie for IMO plum job, though his office later disowned it. Today, his posters for the same position have flooded spaces.
One thing is certain, not everybody will support his ambition for governorship. While his senatorial district and conjugal relationship with the incumbent governor,pose as albatrosses to that desire, his age seems to be his greatest advantage.
Nwosu should not also be carried away by the very deceitful political mantra "SHOW US THE MAN AND GO TO SLEEP ".That assertion is the most deceitful political opinion in the history of The State. No one person, zone, nor political party has ever or will make a governor in the state.

While we await the official response concerning the posters from the office of the chief of staff, I will urge him to officially declare ,so that the business of active politicking will commence in earnest.
His state wide football competition, Okigwe medical outreach which was one of the activities which marked his 42 birthday anniversary held recently and the recent orlu political summit all point to the direction that he has his eyes for the office of the number citizen of the state.

Delaying and keeping people in further suspense is very injurious to his political career, especially as it concerns 2019 and would continue to misrepresent his political stance .

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