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TStv Africa

A residential two-storey building had collapsed, last night, in Owerri Municipal area, opposite Fire Service Police Station, Imo State. An unspecified number of people were said to have been trapped in the debris, as sympathisers were not allowed close to the scene.

Sources in the neighborhood told Ifeanyicy.com that they heard a loud noise and when they came out to check what the matter was, they discovered that it was the building that collapsed. “It is shocking that what anybody can see of the two-storey building is the debris , which is now resting on the ground. It just looks like a big hole was dug under the building and the entire edifice sank,” the man recounted on phone conversation .
On whether he can guess the number of people trapped in the building, the man said: “We know that a number of people stay in the building but nobody can say exactly how many are trapped.”

Another Source, Bar Ikeokwu has this to say:

"Flash... Occupants of the building are staff of an agro products manufacturer. Corper had concluded serving but has been waiting to sign out in December. Still trapped

Do you know that after the alleged Corper we can see and trying yo help here with his visitor, there are other 3 persons trapped without sign of life or pin point location of them in the rubble? How did this building pas the test and rented while still building."


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