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John Cena is a busy guy. When he’s not working a full-time WWE schedule, he’s filming movies or TV shows, and somehow when he’s doing both, he still has the time to host the TODAY show. He’s currently in the midst of another week of guest-hosting duties, and it has already been fantastic, because on Monday he rode a hobby horse while answering country music trivia. It’s even better than whatever you’re imagining.

On Tuesday, Cena was asked by co-host Dylen Dreyer how often he “has” to go to the gym to keep looking like the world’s premium beefboy that he is. That sparked some solid condescension from Cena about the difference between “having” to go to the gym and “wanting” to go to the gym, but he eventually got around to his actual answer. And it’s not as often as you might think!

“You know, I think that’s what the main thing is: you should never have to go. You should want to go. And when it comes to physical activity and keeping yourself in shape, you should find something you like to do. I like to lift heavy things.
“And for me, to keep this sort of feel, around four times a week. [How long I work out] depends. If I have half an hour on my schedule, it’s 30 minutes. If I have two and a half hours, I’ll stay in there for two and a half hours.”
Yes, it turns out that you only have to need to want to go to the gym four times a week to look like John Cena! (NOTE: This assumes you are working with a base level of already being John Cena. People who aren’t John Cena may need to want to go to the gym more than four times a week to look like John Cena. At least, that’s what our leading scientists say. No one can know for certain.)


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