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Black Sunday In Anambra State As Gunmen Speaking Igbo Open Fire On Catholic Church Worshippers In Ozubulu

Unknown Gunmen this morning invaded St. Philip Catholic Church Ozubulu, in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State and opened fire on worshippers. Worshippers who escaped the attack said the gunmen who all communicated in Igbo Language killed many worshippers and fled the scene.

The death toll is on the increase as the injured and the dead bodies have been taken to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi.

Over 11 victims have been confirmed dead and 18 injured before going to press.

Today being Sunday, all the Doctors and pharmacists attending mass in the hospital Chapel have retired to the theatre and casualty units for surgeries and treatments.

Police sources revealed  that their preliminary investigation shows that it is a drug related gang case in which the father of one of the gang leaders had been a target during today's attack

According to reports, The gunmen that carried out that shoot out are alleged assassins in search of a drug lord called “Bishop” and the father of that Bishop.

The Gunmen went to church and in the process of shooting the man’s father, shot other people.

Bishop is a 29 years old  alleged popular drug baron from South Africa that singlehandledly built the church where the heinous crime took place, his father who was the target of the operation was also killed by the gun men with a warning that they will come back again in the nearest future because Bishop refused to pay them the money he is owing them.

May the soul of the victims RIP

By Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

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  1. These ignorant Igbo people will not destroy this nation. Nigerians should let them go so we can preserve our sanity. This is the reason why i said no igbo pastor can pray for me. Everything na business. They can kill their mama, na business.


    1. I don't believe that we have bad tribe, I believe we have bad people in every tribe.

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  2. @Tunde people like you are part of the major problem we have in this country! The badoo boys killing families at Ikorodu are dominantly (if not only) Yoruba and engage in money ritual. Hausas on their own part prefer their cattle to you so you see why you can't think that way about the Igbos or any other people for that matter. No ethnic group in Nigeria is righteous. We all have sinned and our leaders both past and present failed us. They have only shown us that money is the ultimate no matter how you earn it! That is why they steal and steal and leave you and me helpless. Think about what I've written and stop being judgmental towards any group. There is only on race and it's the human race but there two different types of people- good people and bad people. And each of us know exactly where we fall! Have a good day. And yes I am Igbo, but first A NIGERIAN!


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