Recall that few days ago, your darling blog, brought you news about KCEE's intention to run for the Governorship position of Anambra State in the coming election. 

However, some Nigerians have taken to twitter to react to this:
Kcee is running for the position of a governor so he can make Ebube nwagbo commissioner of work? No way!— TROUBLEMAKER (@TROUBLEMAKERPhd) August 3, 2017

Kcee joke of the day,you want to be a governor of Anambra state can you tell us one thing that make you to start campaign but no party yet— Chukwu Emeka (@micheal_smrt) August 3, 2017

Even if Kcee contest for Class monitor I wont vote him not to talk of Governorship election. dis is not limpopo ?— Moses jr. (@mostech_jr) August 3, 2017

Wait, so KCEE wants to run for governor of anambra state. Is he okay? Is Nigeria okay? Lmfao— BUKSMAN (@IamBuksman) August 3, 2017

Its when Biafra says “no election in Anambra” dats when Yul Edochie & KCee want 2 run 4 Governor.What does that tell u? 1 vote can decide!— Emayell of Igarra (@eMaYeLl) August 3, 2017

Nigeria is the only country where anyone can contest with fake #DEGREE

BUHARI na example.— Asiwaju Furniture (@Asiwaju_limited) August 3, 2017

This one will be ruling Anambra from Quilox— Fenรดmeno. (@HenRay_DS) August 3, 2017

?? okay this one got me……. “he’ll rule Anambra from quilox”— SC:jojoarmani01 (@itsjojoarmani) August 3, 2017

Kcee wants to run for Anambara Governor.
1 said does he think it’s limpopo they’re doing there ?
Another said thank God it’s not Anambra ??— Hikmah. (@Oyiin_Bee)August 3, 2017

He wants to be the governor of ANAMBARA state not ANAMBRA let’s not get it twisted here ?— Mister Galvin ?? (@iam_mbiatke) August 3, 2017

The funniest thing about that Kcee poster is how they spelt Anambra. ?— Anna Lee. (@_Vanity___)August 3, 2017

I thought it was just songs that kcee didn’t know how to he can’t write his state correctly too???— Nedu Nkamnebe (@Manlikenedu) August 3, 2017

sorry boss but your music alone you can’t manage is it a state you would be able?— Craig? (@Craigkingpin) August 3, 2017

This is why they don’t want the youth to run in any election…kid with small brain! It’s not all about money but what u can do in their.— ‘Y?mรญ Larynx O’ (@Opulent4great) August 3, 2017
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