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A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ikenga  Mayor Eze, has condemned the state government's use of force on the unarmed civilians on Saturday during the demolition of Ekeukwu Owerri Market, saying that "even when the majority is 'wrong', democratic principles believe they are right, simply because they are the majority and that must be respected by democratically elected leaders.

He said the government gains nothing from fighting a people that are determined.

The Ikenga Orlu who reacted to the deployment of soldiers and other security officials during the demolition in a statement he issued in Owerri on Saturday, said: "The use of force has never being a successful solution to it. It's most unfortunate if truly somebody died."

Reiterating the rights of the citizens, Hon Eze said that "Barack Obama firmly asserted that the most important office in a democracy is The Office of the Citizen."

He noted that "Democracy is the best form of Government simply because 'the majority can't be wrong'.

According to him: "After transparent elections, even at the level of predominantly less educated kindred people, you will begin to hear that 'Its final, Majority carry the vote'".

Ikenga Orlu who has declared his intention to run for the office of the governor of Imo State added that "More advanced democracies have even gone further to make sure that their governments are in line with the views of the majority by using opinion polls to gauge the mood of the public on major government policies and decisions.

"When confronted with issues a people are so sentimental about, a leader who is convinced otherwise should double down on more consultations and persuasions."

Decrying what seemed to be impatience on the part of the government, he stressed that "there is never a time limit in such sensitive matters.

"Confronted with more resistance from the people, a democratic leader should make his positions known for history and record purposes and leave the matter.

"From my very limited knowledge in the study and practice of Politics, I have never come across an award for any leader that 'defeats' his people.

"Existing markets are always very emotional and traditional issues to a people."

He called on the state government to think twice on the demolition, saying: "The Imo State government should have a rethink on the issue because it gains nothing confronting a now determined people."


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