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By Awurum Darlington

When I wrote an article last time with the caption ("POWER TENDS TO CORRUPT, BUT ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY") a lot of people didn’t really understand it, or may have understood it but pretended just to attack me out of their overzealousness to show pragmatism.
On this note, Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha showed nothing but absolute power as an incumbent governor. Yes, we understand the menace the market poses to the road users and indigenes of our state, and for that singular reason, I can’t say otherwise than to affirm that the demolition is a welcome development and a step in the right direction if only the present state government made necessary provisions to relocate over 20,000 people making a living within that complex on daily basis.

I have always wished that market relocated, if not for anything, to easy traffic on that part of our state capital, but we cannot really solve a problem by creating a bigger one. The government should have made sure an alternative site is created and completed, then setup an Allocation Team to carefully take shop-to-shop record at Ekeukwu and allocate to present shop occupants of the complex followed by allocating to fresh people before demolition. This is how a government cares for her citizens in the sight of economic recession.
This courageous step by governor Okorocha is highly commendable, but he should have measured the rate of crime this excellent achievement would cause if not carefully planned. We understand the threats that market poses to our people, but should have considered thousands of youths who wouldn’t want to be part of any crime because they are engaged in one way or the other in that plaza for daily bread. Crime may become their next alternative to curb hunger.

To Owerri people, it is highly an act of boisterousness standing firmly against government’s goodwill inconsiderately. There wasn’t any good need or reason stopping the present government from archiving this feat which the previous administrations considered impossible. The best that could have happened is a dialogue with the government to reposition the market on your preferred site and other benefits.
On the death of Somtochukwu during this exercise; Rest in Peace Little Lad. I pray God gives his family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. I consider it a slapdash mishap and pray the good Lord takes away the precipitation of death befalling Imolites over the years, ranging from road accidents, roundabout accidents, fraternal killings, armed robbery killings, collapsed buildings, stray bullets and accidental discharge.
Indeed, Power Tends To Corrupt, But Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely; you cannot hand in a loaded pistol to a Chimpanzee and expect it not to shot. The security operatives acted on the powers of incumbency, though our governor wouldn’t wish any of his citizens’ death, talk more of a harmless Somtochukwu, but the security operatives attached to that Demolition Team were influenced by absolute power having been informed of Owerri people’s expected resistance to that exercise. There wasn’t any need for the incessant shootings as captured in this video.

To our brothers who took to their handle(s) to deny the death of this Innocent boy to deceive the gullible and subdue their conscience without making proper investigation, it is really unbelievable the length we can go atimes to discredit our credibility. What is there to defend our governor for?  Why do we have to defend our Governor to this extent when he can honorably come out publicly, own it up, take the blames and let out his warm and heartfelt condolences while promising justice for the boy, to curb such rascality and carelessness in the nearest future?

I am really ashamed being in this online business with some people. God have mercy!

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