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Fiery Catholic Priest and the Spiritual Director of an Adora­ton Ministry,  Canaanland adoration ministry(E DEY WORK CATHOLIC CENTRE located at Umuoma-onicha, Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA, Imo State, Rev Fr. Magnus Ebere, popularly known as "FR. E DEY WORK" was alleged to have raised the dead who has stayed in the mortuary for nine good days, healed an HIV patient, made the blind to see, and a man on crutches was said to have touched his white garment and started working.

According to information gathered by Ifeanyicy.com, and made available by an eyewitness, Mr Stanley Ihemtuge, who shared the following on his Facebook account:

"I respect adore you sir..his my boss the reason for my joy.i touched your hands last week and just today showers of blessing is following me, you said and I state "that your enemies will later turn to your friend reasons bcos they can see the hand of God in your life and negative people will delete from our life so positive pple can role in" (I hear u sir) ride on my boss. Just yesterday you healed a HIV patient, made the blind to see, u raised someone who has stayed in the mortuary for nine good days, you raised him up back to life, a man on clutches touched your white garment and started working.omo miracles are much,for you to make this good thing to follow me today, you are my boss.you are the source of joy to many youths and have empowered so many youths. 

sir,I only touched your hand and just this morning the good news I have been expecting for a year just rolled in oh my God.i adore you Rev fr magnus Ebere (fr e dey work). Back to base soon TDME we on now.shakara is back fully on ground.from today when you hear my name or hear me speak worship those words,I speak Favour,success and open doors in your life,you shall never suffer for nothing,no man or woman will ever tie your destiny, that person that speaks bad of you or always gossip you, will start gossiping good news to your enemies (I mean you reading this now) E DEY WORK OH."


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