TStv Africa

TStv Africa

My friend from Malaysia came back to Nigeria,he wanted to get married and start a new life so he saw his kind of girl in his friend's neighbourhood because he didn't know much about the girl he decided to become friends with the girl and he started a little research on her to know if he was making the right decision, so he asked his friends and few people about the girl to know if she is of good behaviour and to also find out more about her but to his greatest surprise he got bad reports from his friends especially the ones that have asked her out and the ones that have seen her with different men (men that may be just friends), he almost concluded on dumping her to search for someone worthy to be called a wife but i advised him and told him to chill and believe more in his instincts rather than letting rumors flood his thinking faculty,he listened to me and he continued seeing her few months later they started dating,then 6 months later he found out she was a virgin and had never slept with any man. When he came to me to let me know the good news, i told him "No Be Every Girl Be Runs Girl", now they are happily married with 2 kids..
#RUNS drops tomorrow friday 11.8.2017.. 

An inspiring, motivating and social reawakening rap music from freestyle king and Five Star Record act, Golden Chinedu Okafor popularly known with stage name XBUSTA.

Look for it and download. 

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