TStv Africa

TStv Africa

The suspects are : chimezie Obiefule form Uburuahiri Egwedu,  Obinna Anusiem from Umuejike Egwedu and Izunna Ezike from Umunam Atta.
The where said to be caught by de IMO security network.. As de storm de house of one Chima Ogoma. In DE community of Uburuahiri Egwedu in Njaba. 

Items recovered... 

1 Standing fridge
4 Dinning chairs 
2 Stainless kettles
1 Deep freezer
1 Electric cooker
1Standing fan
2 Set of dinner plates
1 Plasma TV Samsung 
2 Big coolers
2 Foams 
9 Window blinds 
1 Alba Gas cooler 
1 Electric  sumo
1 Bobby hanger
1 Set of soup bowl
1 Master chef bowl 
1 Big since generator 
1 Set of home theater
1 20 inches plasma tv


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