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Former Imo State Governor, Dr Ikedi Ohakim has once again reassured the good people of Imo State, that no matter what they are passing through today, which maybe as a result of collective mistake of the past, made possible through unfounded lies and wrong judgement of his person. That they should rejoice because according to him, soon Imo will return to the hands of God. That his only regret was his vision for Imo people which was cut short by lies, but that he believed strongly in the holy book Psalm 30:5 which states that 'weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. Reiterating that, God will not abandon Imo people for so long, and he also averred that Imo will surely return to the loving embrace of God's hands."

Read what He wrote on his official Facebook account:

"Alyssa J Howard captioned his book "Judge Others the way you want to be judged". Our Lord Christ Jesus in the Holy Bible in the book of Matthew 7:1-5 told us "...the standard you use in judging is the standard you too will be judged..." Have Ikedi Ohakim been severally judged? Yes. Those who know me, those who don't, have given their judgements some true and many false. From my time as Governor of Imo State till today people formed and still form their judgements. The white man says truth is bitter and when Ohakim says that bitter truth he is tagged as arrogant. A heinous lie was circulated against me and people judged without bothering to find out if all that was said against this man were true or false or if they were just the ploy of the true enemies of the people to lead the people into the hard times our pensioners, our civil servants, our business men and women, our traditional institutions, our churches, our parents find ourselves today. Could what we are going through be our own judgement revisited on us? Who knows but God's words never return empty. My parents called me Godson translated in Igbo to be Nwachukwu. My traditional name reflects that power rests with God not man. In everything I have ever done, in serving my brothers and sisters, I have always committed everything to God's hands and despite what anybody may think happened in the past, God has never failed me and whatever happens in my life I believe is His way for higher manifestations. Judge others as you want to be judged, treat others as you want them to treat you for whatever measure you give to others, it doesn't matter how long it takes, the same will be given back at the right measure to you. I've long ago made peace in my heart with those who told lies against me and when I see some people desperately trying to earn some money from their sponsors or hide their failures by trying to tarnish my image with lies even till this day, I remember Matthew 7 and I am comforted with the fact that whatever measure you use against me, one day you will enjoy. I have a lot to be grateful for with only one regret; that my vision for my people was cut short by lies but I am a strong believer of Psalm 30:5 ...weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. God will not abandon His people for so long and will surely return Imo to the loving embrace of God's hands."

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