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TStv Africa

Residents of Owerri the Imo State capital has cried out over the way floods are ravaging the capital city, few days ago this young boy (name withheld) returning from school nearly lost his life along the popular MCC road as he was almost swept off by the massive flood during the rainfall.

This scenario Ifeanyicy.com gathered is now frequent in Owerri owing to the massice renewal program of the Okorocha-led government that has left the state capital with almost a non-existent and non-functional drainage system. No one is against the "good plans" of the governor, but when it becomes evident that the people is being made to suffer on purpose then we can't just sit idly and watch. Why can't these roads and culverts be constructed with the same speed the spibat mansion was constructed? Why can't the quality of the culverts be as good as if not better than the ones existing before they were destroyed?

In as much as we thank God for a life saved, i just don't understand why human conscience is lacking in our society. What will the person(capturer) gain if the boy gets drowned before the photograph must have been taken. Conscience is all we want back, in our society


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