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By John Okiyi Kalu

Appointment is now achievement?
No problem, just show us how Ndigbo benefitted from the appointment of individual Igbo sons and daughters.
It must also be said that Jonathan allowed Ihejirika, Oduah, Nnaji, Odimegwu etc to be humiliated so as to make others happy.
He gave us 2nd Niger Bridge on concession but paid for similar bridges elsewhere.
You can rave and rant that Jonathan appointed Igbo born folks into this and that position but the point you missed, as usual, Reno Omokri. Is that Ndigbo gave Jonathan EVERYTHING they had in 2011.
We died for him in the north in large numbers even after voting for him with average of 92% among Ndigbo of south east, south west, south south and northern Nigeria.
Who the hell owe the other? Which other ethnic group did that for him?
If all you can point to are appointments of Igbo folks who are very qualified then you are confirming that Jonathan did nothing worthwhile for us. Those appointees you named served him and his administration better than others. Did any of them betray him? Even when many of his kinsmen were fighting him here and there we stood by him.
It is insulting to tell us that our reward was appointments. We wanted our roads fixed like that of others. We wanted our bridges constructed like that of others. We wanted unity school quota and discrimination abolished. We wanted even our appointees like Ihejirika, Barth Nnaji, Odimegwu etc to be protected from hawks. They were all sacrificed by Jonathan. Yet we voted for him again. Without thinking twice.
But he sat there and approved Boko Haram suspects to be parceled to us.
Are we going to carry Jonathan like a luggage all our lives? What more can you do for a man that is more than the lives we lost for electing him president?
People should stop writing thrash. Jonathan owe Ndigbo much more than we can ever owe him.
Yet in his midterm report we received the least capital projects allocation in Nigeria. Come to the east and see the state of federal road infrastructure after Jonathan and stop insulting us.
Of course we don't care about Buhari either because that one treats us with total disdain. No Igbo man is expecting anything good from him. We couldn't have voted for him and will still not vote for him. Jonathan treated us much better and without disdain but did nothing for us that was commensurate with our support and sacrifices.
Reno Omokri and the FFK he mentioned were beneficiaries of Jonathan. We were contributors to the making of President Jonathan and we paid with our blood, votes and money.
Show us some respect by not writing nonsense because of whatever our son Nnamdi said or was purported to have said. Nnamdi enjoys democratic freedom of speech and interpreting his position as that of Ndigbo is an attempt at idiocy that I have come to expect from those who are removed from reality but have the gift of garb.
Nnamdi Kanu is the head of an organization called  IPOB. Ndigbo are a major ethnic group in Nigeria and not all Igbo are IPOB members, even if all IPOB members are Igbo born.

It is Reno Omokri that needs to learn a lesson that there is a difference between sacrificing for Jonathan and benefiting from Jonathan. Himself and FFK benefited from Jonathan. We sacrificed for Jonathan and should be respected as a people.

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