People of Biafra, said their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, had not flouted his bail conditions, hence, security agents have no justification to re-arrest him.It added that Kanu had neither held any rally nor protested as instructed by the court, thus, he had not gone beyond the limit set by the court.
Powerful said, “Nnamdi Kanu never flouted his bail conditions because the court said he should not go for rallies or protests and he has never done that since his release But citizens of Biafra and other parts of Nigeria want to see him, that is why you see him with people and these people come to his father’s house. He cannot chase those who want to see him away. Since his release he never called for any rally or protest or press conference. Don’t you know that if he wants to call the press he will call both local and international media? The court did not bar people from visiting him in his father’s compound. The court did not say he should not visit anyone in the society. Therefore, the security operatives have no justification to re-arrest him because he has never gone beyond their limit or held any rally or protest. We are aware that anywhere he visited, people just gather to see who he is in person and he did not put himself in the position he is today, it is by the making of the Most High in Heaven. We wonder why people who fear his electrifying popularity are calling for his arrest – we know that the Nigerian government and her security agencies always like to intimidate people.”

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