When I made a post late yesterday night, dismissing those humans whose only understanding or even pride in their womanhood is the fact that they have vagina and two pieces of sagged breasts, I expected the reactions I got from my female friends. Some of them came inbox to ask that I take down the post, but I was able to convince many of them that I am being patronizing to women rather than uncharitable as they assumed. After all, the singular human being who has had the most impact on my life is a woman- my grandma. I have two beautiful daughters and they are my most important assets. I have personal reasons not to objectify or degrade womanhood. I have other great women in my life, including the mother of my beautiful children.
Vagina and breasts are two of the most insignificant things in determining who a true woman is. After all, you can now buy these things as toys from Ify Asia Chiemeziem and many other places. If what makes humans, woman are these organs then they are cheap, as they can easily be picked up for a pay anywhere around. Any woman who blackmails a man with; "You dumped me after sleeping with me" " you see, my breasts are still firm", "oh,  you have made my breasts flaccid" and all those crap, is not a woman, but a piece of animated sex toy.
A woman is one of the strongest and most intelligent creatures God brought upon the earth. A woman is the completeness of creation. They are builders, carers and motivators. They make the world beautiful and make life worth living. If you are a woman and you cannot be remembered for the value you bring to wherever you are; to your marriage, your home, your work place and anywhere at all, then you may as well go get the tightest vagina and the most turgid breasts, you are no better than a sex toy. No real man will have any deep respect for you.
A real woman is not known in her nakedness. The bedroom is not a laboratory for determining a true woman. How do you talk, what do you think, what do you bring to the table? These are what make you a woman.
Beautiful looks, enticing endowments and all those meaningless appendages are not your creations, they were given to you by Nature and you contributed nothing to making them yours. Your true womanhood is defined by the things you make out yourself. The things you built in yourself; character, goals and even beliefs.
Advancement in medicine and cosmetology has made it possible for anyone to get these organs and become a "woman". If becoming a woman is determined by the organs in your body, then, any man can go under the surgeon's knife and become a woman.
Are you a woman, or a sex toy?

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