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TStv Africa

While men are busy falling in love with women, Darius is in love with his Gold-coloured X-Type Jaguar – and makes love to “her.” Report shows that the 35-year-old bachelor suffers from a bizarre sexual condition called mechanophilia,  a rare disorder that makes victims fall in love with inanimate objects and feel strong physical attraction towards them.

Darius said: 

“I don’t expect people to understand because it’s not something I fully understand myself.I didn’t choose this but I have fallen for a car, just like other people fall for women.I find her arousing, I love spending time with her and she is very important to me. I don’t see her as an object, I look at her and I see my lover. I’ve always been a car lover, but if someone told me it was possible to have sexual feelings towards something that’s not human I’d have laughed them off just like people laugh at me now. I can’t really explain what triggered it, but I went to view Goldie and had always wanted an X-Type Jaguar. I tried to ignore the feeling and just put it down to excitement about having a new car."


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