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 Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state has promised the people of the state that he will send them the ‘Holy Spirit’ in the form of a proactive successor before the end of his tenure.

  He said: “I have heard your request for a proactive successor, before I leave I will send you the Holy Spirit. I will never leave you alone, you can imagine if previous government for the past 30 years have been working the way I am working now, by now Imo State would have been London. The massive infrastructure in the state is only within six years, so think of 30 years.” 
  Okorocha assured the people of Imo state that he will not fail as he will shame those who had earlier threatened to stage a one million-man march against his administration. The Imo state governor while urging the people to pray fervently for Buhari’s recovery, promised to make 
more Imo youths millionaires in the future.

 “Today, you have shown me that I am really the Senior Advocate of the Masses and the civilian general of the people. Thousands and thousands of people coming all over the state to show solidarity at your own time and cost and to shame our detractors who could not bring out one person for their one million-man march against me, I shall never fail you people," he said.

  He said: "The people of Imo state are suffering and I want you to unite and elect your state officers in order to take over this state and return good governance to the people.”

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