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By Comrade Jeff Nwaoha

For few days now, Fami Fani kayode has been running his mouth and of course raining infantile insults on the towering personality of His Excellency Ozo Igbo ndu Rochas Anayo Okorocha. One would rather wonder what could have ignited this unprovoked and unnecessary attacks or rather insults from this infant terrible, inconsequential and complete irritant Fani Kayode if not his struggling effort or  attempt to be noticed since he is now occupying an obscure corner in his world having lost virtually everything in life. It is quite a pity!
At first, I did not want to give Fani kayode any attention nor do I subscribe to the idea of joining issues with this notorious brat because I believe that silence, they say will always be the best treatment to a fool. Honestly, I just saw the whole gibberish from Mr Fani Kayode as outright nonsensical and one coming from irresponsible man. I, just like many people initially dismissed  him and feltthat replying him  would amount to killing a small fly with a sledge hammer.
However, on second thought, I decided to now come out to wrap up that nonsense from this distasteful fellow and dumb him in the dustbin where his likes belong hence this little response to him.
I read where he gruesomely paraded what he felt was his sound parentage by alluding that even his fifth generation attended Cambridge University, of course, thanks to Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo while he erroneously claimed that Governor Rochas Okorocha only had a Diploma.   This shows Fani kayode is still living in fool’s paradise for him to have described a man with Masters in Law from a reputable University in Nigeria as having only a Diploma .
Perhaps, unknown to him, by that statement alone,  he aimed a sharp Dagger right at the very heart of his personality by proving that his entire linage have only known one aspect of the world- Cambridge.
All through his tantrum, he never mentioned that any of his lineages was or is a Governor, Senator, President, successful Businessman or woman etc nor has any soul from the entire Kayode family won any election before atleast to show that they can raise their head high in the society, all of these Governor Okorocha has acquired. None from his family was known by Nigerians as having made any remarkable marks in Nigeria except their prodigal and irresponsible son Fami Fani Kayode who has brought shame to the family by his loquaciousness and knack for insulting leaders and Elders.

Just because many people have now decided to ignore him because a lot of people already know that Fami was once a patient at a psychiatric home in Lagos, he still believes that the silence and dismisiveness with which he is being treated amounts to a meal ticket for him to continue to insult well meaning citizens of the country and beyond.
Maybe, I may need to educate this idiotic man that success is all about focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve. Your success in life does not necessarily depend on your background but what you have decided to make out of your background. Every ones destiny is unique. The fact that you are here does not mean that you can’t be there. Femi’s parents might have been there but today Femi is no longer there but Governor Okorocha whose parents were not there before is now comfortably enjoying his place here. Oh my God! Life is a lesson my dear Fami Fani Kayode.
Solomon said “ I returned and saw that  under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong neither yet bread to the wise nor yet riches to men of understanding (I dear say Cambridge trained) nor yet to favour to the men of skill but time and chance happeneth to them all”
Governor Okorocha belongs to the class of specially bred and divinely packaged leaders in this country having risen from a son of an average man to a super successful leader while Fami Fani Kayode has his life nose-diving irredeemably in spite of his acclaimed aristocratic background. What a tragedy! I pity the young man.

I actually do not intend to waste so much of my time talking to a charlatan whose acclaimed father once openly disowned when he was in secondary school and who was rehabilitated by Obasanjo as Femi was languishing in Indian hemp smoking, hooliganism and was almost becoming a street urchin because of the Yoruba blood running in the former President otherwise how can Femi gather the courage to talk where the likes of Governor is talking. By every stretch of assessment, Femi and Okorocha are not equals, cannot be compared and like parallel lines can never meet together.
On one hand, femi Fani kayode is a man who never work for success but only manages to clutch on the outdated little image his parents garnered while on the other side, is a man in the person of Governor Rochas Okorocha who by dint of hard work, determination, foresightedness and above all, divine grace made it to the pinnacle of his life. A man who has singly handed built Secondary schools across the country where over  five million Children of the poorest of the poor have so far benefited and are still benefiting cannot be equaled to a mere Cambridge trained as claimed. Infact, the entire Kayode linage put together cannot get 5o Kilometer close to where Rochas Okorocha is standing.
In short, let me save my energy and allow this reject of a man like Femi to continue with his tomfoolery. Ordinarily, a word should be adequate for the wise but I know Femi is not wise.

Jeff Nwaoha is the General manager of Imo ENTRACO.

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