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TStv Africa

NATIONAL Chairman of United Progressive Party (UPP),Dr. Chekwas Okorie stated that the All Progressive Congress (APC) has succeeded in dividing Nigeria along primordial cleavage more than any government before it.

Dr. Okorie speaking during the 2017 national convention of UPP, said that the APC had frequently brought Nigeria to near disintegration. Okorie said

“Nigeria is in dire need of genuine change, we have been politically defrauded by a political party that canvassed true federalism while it sought for the votes of trusting Nigerians but in a very unscrupulous and unconscionable manner promptly jettisoned its avowed article of faith, and foisted on hapless Nigerians the worst form of nepotism, reductionism, lethargy, cluelessness and retrogression”.

 He reaffirmed that the policy of UPP was to zone its presidential slot to the south East geo political zone of Nigeria remains sacrosanct, pointing out that UPP is the foremost and most credible opposition party in Nigeria today that is rancor free.

Chekwas Okorie assured Nigerians that a true Progressive party that will grant all federating units the latitude to explore and exploit their comparative advantages for national growth and development if elected into power had arrived. “Take this message to every corner of Nigeria”.

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