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Nightingale Innovative Concepts Limited presents these awards to celebrate selected entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in the area of job creation and enterprise development in Imo State.

This is a way of encouraging them and challenging other companies to toe a progressive path in ensuring global best practices in their day-to-day business life.

These awards are in the following 6 categories

1.  Agro Entrepreneurship Award

2.  CSR Compliant Award

3.  Customer Service Excellent Award

4. Corporate Innovation Award

5. ICT Compliant Award

6. Management Friendly Award

The recipients of these respective awards will be carefully selected through an extensive and unbiased research cutting across all business chains in Imo State.

This award has three major objectives:

1.  To celebrate entrepreneurs that have contributed to the economic development of Imo State in the aforementioned categories

2. To challenge business owners to become more strategic, innovative and customer/community friendly

3.  To create a competitive environment for businesses in Owerri

Nightingale Innovative Concepts Limited intends, by this award to create a global mind-set in entrepreneurs in Imo State and incentivise intending entrepreneurs by way of setting professional standards and best practices benchmark for them.


This award is created to appreciate and celebrate entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in the area of agriculture.


This is for companies that have shown commitment in fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibilities to their publics.


Here, we want to acknowledge and celebrate companies that have achieved excellence in customer service over the years.


This award is for companies that have embraced innovation in the way they run their business. Companies that operate on the basis of global excellence and best practices.


This category is for companies that are Information Communication Technology compliant and have used same to run, promote and sustain their businesses.


This award is created to celebrate organisations where there exist a good working relationship between the management and staff. Companies that about 90% of her workforce applauds the managerial empathy in workplace.

Venue: Sam Mbakwe Banquet Hall, Concord Hotels, Owerri

Date: 8th September, 2017

Time: 6pm

Members of the public are hereby advised to nominate companies in each category that best qualifies for the award. All nominations and recommendations will be treated with utmost sincerity and objectivity.

Each category is expected to have a minimum of 3 nominations.

This exercise will run from 24th July – 7th August, 2017.

After the nominations, final voting will be done on www.niclimited.com from 10th August to 19th August, 2017.

Nominations can  also be sent to 08064304883 (SMS only).

For more enquiries, visit www.niclimited.com or email info@niclimited.com.

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