TStv Africa

TStv Africa

Yesterday, we at ifeanyicy.com brought you news about the kidnapping of the most wanted kidnapper in Nigeria, popularly known as Mr. Evans. Since then, there has been interrogations going on and the kingpin has made several shocking revelations.

Evans, who wasn’t sure of how many people he had kidnapped, said the highest he had collected as ransom was one million dollars.

“I can’t figure out how much I have collected so far or how many people I have kidnapped, but I have kidnapped up to 10 since 2015.
“I choose to collect ransom in dollars to be different, and the maximum I have collected as ransom so far is 1 million dollars.
“I work in two groups, a team moves with me to kidnap victims while we hand over to the other team that takes the victim to the hide out.
“Kinsley introduced me to kidnap, but I usually get my ammunition from one Chinedu and Ehis whom I met at Ago-Iwoye.
“I also do drug business that enabled me to buy my property,” the suspect said.


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