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The online media platform, Sahara Reporters had come with a banner headline "Okorocha's jet-setting life around Nigeria and he is also Nigeria's most nepotistic governor" on June 13th, 2017.

It Stated that the Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha travels around Nigeria in private jets with tail numbers listed below.
Learjet - ZS - KAA
Gulfstream - N605JA
Hawker Beechcraft or Embraer Legacy- 5N - PZE  

Before he became governor, he had put his private jet on the market for sale.

He is also known to staff his cabinet with in-laws, brothers, wife and cronies, the worst in Nigeria apart from President Muhammadu Buhari's cabinet.

His son-in-law, Uche Nwosu married to his first daughter is presently his Chief of Staff, whom he is plotting to impose as the Governor of  Imo state come 2019.                      
 The Minister from Imo State Prof. Anthony Anwukah is also his in-law, married to his second daughter, Uju Okorocha. His youngest sister, Ogechi Ololo, is his Deputy Chief of Staff as well as his SA Domestic Affairs.                      
 His wife Mrs. Nkechi Okorocha is in charge of "Amnesty" in Imo State with a five billion naira budget.                      
His eldest sister, Mrs. Geraldine Obinali, collects all market fees nd fines in Imo State.  His eldest brother Gerald receives the account for all Motor Park tolls in Imo State. His younger brother Okey is in charge at Imo Transport Company. His brother, Jude is in charge of revenue from sand dredging, and any laterite excavation pit in Imo State.      
Gov. Okorocha claims that he has built twenty-Seven General hospitals in Imo State but only twenty-six have been under construction in the last six years. Only one has been completed and that one is being run by a medical doctor as a private hospital.  He has never traveled in a commercial flight since he became the Governor of IMO state.                      
 Sometimes he flies into Abuja two three times in a day. He hops around the country in the privates like riding a bike.                      
His second Daughter Mrs. Uju Rochas Anwukah is appointed as Board member from Imo State.

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