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Following the dissolution of the Imo State Executive Council and ongoing reconstitutions of members of the enlarged or expanded Exco, politicians or party faithfuls seeking to be made commissioners, SA, SSA, Transition Committee Chairmen, etc in the yet to be announced positions,especially top members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, have been reported to be running around the Imo State Chief of Staff, and Governor Okorocha’s Son-in-law, Uche Nwosu seeking to obtain favour from the Nkwerre born confidant of the Imo Chief executive.

Uche Nwosu who had turned Oracle and dictates pace for new appointment has been besieged by political lobbyists who swarm round him like a bee. His private house, office and wife's business center has been turned to sort of Mecca, for appointment seeking APC members  who are keeping vigil.

Since the commencement of the Ugwumba Vanguard Unity Football Tournament for all the 27 LGAs of the state sponsored by Okorocha's most trusted Son-in-law, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, faces that have been spotted at the venues of each tournament are not new faces, whose body language glaringly reads their motives scheming for their names to be announced either as Commissioners, SA, SSA, or TC Chairman.

Ironically, majority of these appointment seekers better referred to as sycophants parading themselves in all the corners of the Dan Anyiam stadium, Emmanuel College School field, City  Primary School Field and other venues, of the Ugwumba Unity Cup, have never been spotted in football fields before, even when State owned Heartland Football Club of Owerri has matches.

This scenario has continued to ignite questions among other Imolites, especially the APC members who have not been given any appointment since Okorocha’s inception in 2011.

Even some Peoples Democratic Party members, who are no more comfortable with happenings in their party are not left out, lobbying seriously to get Uche Nwosu's attention before announcing their switch over,  even those considered close aides of former gubernatorial candidate from Owerri Zone are not having rest since the commencement of the tournament especially as it directly concerns Uche Nwosu. Some have even employed lobbyists to connect them or reach out to Mr Nwosu.

Feelers Ifeanyicy.com gathered have it that maybe they are running around the football fields to be noticed by Uche Nwosu, since he seems to dictate who occupies what position in Okorocha’s cabinet. The most ugly thing is, once you refuse to appoint them, they will join forces with opposition against you, only then they will remember how wicked the rescue mission government has treated them. They will take to social media or corners in newspapers or local functions to castigate the Okorocha led Rescue Mission Government and will tell Ndi-Imo that they have seen the light, their eyes or minds are now open.  Soon, we will reel out their names.

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