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TStv Africa

One Mr. Christopher Tochukwu has been arrested by the Abia State Police Command  for allegedly raping young girls and running a baby factory on No. 252 Faulks Road, Aba, Abia state capital. Tochukwu, who also doubles as a pastor with a new generation Pentecostal church, had converted a one-storey building which doubles as the Church and medical centre for kidnapped pregnant girls.

However, three pregnant girls and one girl whose baby had been sold to a yet to be identified person were rescued. Pastor Tochukwu and operator of the clinic were nabbed while a two-week old premature baby was also rescued. The toddler is now at motherless babies’ home for proper care. One of the girls identified as Imeabo Udo said she was taken to the Clinic by a young man who promised to help her take care of her two-year-old baby. She recalled that on getting to the clinic, her baby boy was taken away from her and sold to an unidentified woman.


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