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Writing under the banner headline; MBAKA: VINDICATING THE VILIFIED AND EXPOSING THE REAL CULPRIT, one Onwuasoanya Fcc Jones  Jones in 2015 stated as follows"

"If you are searching for the most trending news and commentaries from Imo State, then you do not need to click too hard before you read about Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka's damning revelation. For some of us who know much about the close friendship which Fr. Mbaka enjoyed with Governor Rochas Okorocha during the first few days of his ascension to the office of the Governor, it was not just about surprise, it also has to do with reprieve and joy. For me, I am happy that a man of God, of Mbaka's reputation has come out to affirm the things I have been shouting about for more than two years now. To be sure, I am one of those who believed till Sunday, 3rd August, 2014 that Ohakim flogged Fr. Eustace Okorie. This belief, now proven erroneous was popular among Imolites. This also served as the single most serious factor that turned majority of Imolites against Governor Ikedi Godson Ohakim. Majority of us did not see any reason why we should continue to support a Governor who had the animal temerity to strip a priest of the Church and physically manhandled him without the slightest regard to his vocation and God's command in that regard. To me, I saw Ohakim as a modern day Herod who would flog Jesus, if he comes around in our time.
It is one of the most beautiful news of the week that the real truth of the situation has come, not from any other man, but a true man of God, whose love for truth is not in doubt. You may try, but you cannot fault Father Mbaka's genuineness. He was deceived the first time,and he went out in anger to lambast and condemn Ikedi Ohakim. Today, he has got the real truth and he would have betrayed his calling as a priest of the Most High God, if he had not come out in the public to tell the same people the true position of things. While I may not be a fan of the Bring back Ikedi Ohakim agenda, I join Father Mbaka and other conscientious activists, public opinion analysts and writers across Imo State and beyond to apologize to Ikedi Ohakim for the vicious blackmail and propaganda which he fell victim to in his days as Governor, especially as it concerns his dealing with the Catholic Priest in question.

Father Mbaka also went ahead to reveal to the world who the real culprit is. There is no worst blasphemer than he who steals from the Church. Issuance of a dud cheque is recognized in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a criminal offense, punishable with some years in prison. Our Governor may be enjoying immunity from prosecution by human laws, but, God's laws are respecter of no offices or persons. In one of St. Paul's epistles to Christians from other nations, he made it clear that it is better not to make a vow to God than making a vow you cannot fulfill. I have written sometime ago about Okorocha's predilection for issuance of dud cheques and I also quoted relevant sections of the Nigerian Constitution to buttress the criminality of that action. Today, we have heard from one reverend Father who is not known for flippancy about Okorocha's unbridled disposition to fraudulence. How can a Governor who swore to uphold and defend the tenets of our Constitution be the one flouting the same Constitution. We were talking about the dud cheques he issued to some teachers, pensioners and other contractors. Now, Father Mbaka has told us that Okorocha issued a fifty million Naira dud cheque to Archbishop AJV Obinna for the re-roofing of the Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri. If this is proven true, and I do not have a single doubt that it is true, then, Governor Rochas Okorcha is an embarrassment to Imo State and the entire concept of leadership. But, I assure him that this particular act,is his Waterloo. HE WHO THE GODS WANT TO KILL, THEY FIRST MAKE MAD.

N/B: Jones called Rochas criminal and unprintable names and he eulogized Ohakim. Today, he tries to tell the public that Rochas and his son-in-law are the messiah. Can such such a man be trusted by any sane person?.....Casca

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