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After the CCTV footage of the Zenith Bank robbery went viral on social media and internet, displaying the bravery of the police officer attached to the bank, though they were three in number, two sustained gunshots injuries and another Sgt. Iboko bravery gun down one of the armed gang and running out of the security house, he was shot by one of the armed gang.  The concern of most Nigerians were how to show love and support to the family of the late officer, and others involved.

While my blog (Ifeanyicy.com) took to unmask the survivor officer, Sgt Muran Otu Attang, a punch reporter (Chidiebube Okeoma) through the help of Mopol command traced the widow of late Sgt. Chukwudi Iboko, our stories went viral on internet and social media, and Punch newspaper together with some social activists led by Kayode Ogundamisi, has been in the forefront of raising funds to support the family, thereby set up a GoFundme account, and the response has been overwhelming. In less than 24hrs, exactly 19hrs,Nigerians has raised $9.9k, approximating N3.4m.

A blogger, IfeanyiCy Njoku, when contacted by Punch Newspaper Metro, through staff reporter Samson Folarin said he would be handing over N500,000 to the widow of the deceased cop today (Monday) .

He said, “A friend who lives abroad and runs a foundation, 'Sparvi Charity', Mr John from Anambra state was touched by the plight of the widow and bravery of the late officer and raised the money. I have met the state Commissioner of Police, the Mopol Commander and it has been agreed that the N500,000 be handed over to the woman today (Monday) in the state command.”

Again through the report of Ifeanyicy.com, on the lone survivor Officer, Sgt. Muran Otu Attang, Punch Newspaper has equally set up a GoFundMe account for him.

Wonderful, Nigerians irrespective of tribes are coming together in things like this. Good to report, Zenith Bank has invited Sgt. Muran Otu Attang to be in their office after Ifeanyicy.com report on the matter went viral.

Imo State Police Command, through the new commissioner of Police will be addressing press tomorrow (Tuesday) on the issues as Ifeanyicy.com learnt.

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