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Facebook users Wisdom Saint Luga and Obinna Odinaka has descended heavily on Nigeria Musicians and those beefing Malaysia big shot and Gucci ambassador, Hushpuppi, asking when is it a crime to advise someone. Both agreed with Hushpuppi that Nigerian musicians are full of fake.

Wisdom C Saint Luga said :

"In This Beef I Didn't See AnyThing Wrong, He Just Gave Our Musicians Advice, Now They Took It Serious Simply Stop Buying Fake Things So That People Won't Make Your Products Fake, It Became Issue NaWa OoOo AnyyWay I Calculate His Worth As He Is Standing Like This, His Gucci Suit Worth 6.6M ,Guy Their Envy No Fit Stop You Your A Real Chief Finally You No Sing But Still Representing๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฟ#HushPuppi #GucciAmbassador" he stated.

Obinna Solomon Odinaka another supporter of the socialite big boy Hushpuppi added:

"i dont like the way fake artist be trynna ball like "hushpoppy" or trying to live that kind of lavish life style that some artist can afford.my question is why would 'phyno' AKA 'ezege" who has got some good endorsement be putting on a fake watch and showing his poor fan,when an average fan of yours who has been looking up on, who is trying is to kill them self to make sure they get to that height so they can ball like their roll model then letter get to know the nigger they try to be like aint real..how will you as a fan feel??? happy or disappointed? if you got the money you flont it ' na GOD act am for you", if you dont have it you stay low like d**k. if working hard on studio day and night only to put on fake shit is the way the major keys, i would rather stay on a low till death....my people if you see truth lets say it, we the truth hurt but we do have to say it no matter how many people it might hurt to make our country a better place....no body should blame hushpoppi for saying the truth....some of our Nigerian artist should try to be real....hushpuppi the baller we never know who you help???, we dont know your source of income, we dont know if you rent or buy a house, we  have not seen your investment all we see is your balling life style, we know you got doings but we all will like to know whats behind it bro!.. we all are suppose to mined our own business just like hushpuppi fail to do, so now the jokes is on you bro..please i hope you reply us soon hushpuppi"

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