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Worried what could be the fate of a brave police officer, identified as Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, seen in a Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) video footage running out of a Zenith Bank security house after gunning down a member of an armed robber gand that invaded and robbed a commercial bank at Owerri Imo State capital, a Nigerian leaving abroad, Mr John Abuchi Ekweanuo, founder and President of Sparvi Charity foundation volunteered to look out for the police officer who had shown bravery and reward him, dead or alive.

In a social media post shared in his IG account, Mr John known as SKJ said "... going through the news about the robbery that happened at a bank in Owerri. I was touched by the brave action of this police man who killed one among the four robbers., ... I was moved, I do not need the government to reward him first. I, Mr John or who goes by a nickname called  SKJ would love to look for that brave police officer.  He has a reward of 500k naira from me either dead or alive. Please whoever has his genuine detail should inbox or dm me. or give me information of his close family. I love his spirit, ... my friend help me and share this details until it get to the officer or his family." SKJ  stated.

In a swift of seconds, his friend leaving with him in far away Malaysia, Mr. Humble Amarachukwu told him to contact  IfeanyiCy Njoku, a blogger, that "he will assist him in reaching out to the late Police officer's family," adding that "God bless him Mr John", he stated.

In a matter of hours, there was an exchange of telephone conversations between the founder and president of Sparvi Charity foundation, Mr John, popularly known across Europe and Asia as SKJ, with the publisher of online media platform, Ifeanyicy.com as directed. Moment thereafter, IfeanyiCy Njoku established contact with the family of the brave police officer,  though late by reaching out to his wife (Mrs Rose Iboko) , and Imo state police command through the commissioner of Police,Cp Chris Okey Ezike.

And an arrangement was perfected and the sum of five hundred thousand naira (N500,000.00), promised to the family of late gallant police officer was handed over to his wife in presence of heads of security agencies in Imo State.

It was in line with the Sparvi Charity foundation goals and philosophy of providing succor and relief to those in need, indigents, motherless, and homeless victims, to cushion further sufferings and pains.

Adhering to the motto which states "Realizing we are one with the less privileged", this humanitarian NGO targets the needy and has directly benefited hundreds of people from across the globe.

The dedication and the zeal exhibited by the founder and president of Sparvi is praiseworthy.

"Today society is surrounded by poverty some are fighting a daily battle for their survival. Together, we can bring hope in their lives. Together, we can bring change and make it last," said SkJ, president Sparvi Charity foundation.


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