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Wonders shall never end!

This Kenyan lady has revealed she loves dead people. She's a mortician and she loves her job so much. To crown it all,  she had to end her relationship with her boyfriend because of it.

He name is Alice Awuor Omito, and she's 26. She's a morgue attendant, and she has been working at the mortuary since 2015.

Acoording to her, she started with Star Mortuary in Kisumu, before heading to Rosewood Funeral Home in Rongo, Migori County, where she currently works.

She says she enjoys spending a better part of her working days with the dead and preparing the dead for burial makes her happy.

Here is what she told eDaily in an interview:

“I enjoy spending a better part of my working days with the dead. I can’t imagine staying away from them even for a single working day. I have to go and look at the bodies stored in freezers daily. I discontinued my studies in nursing and pursued mortuary science because of available job opportunities in the latter field. I don’t regret changing professions, not one bit. When I was new in this job I had fears and challenges handling the dead, but now I enjoy every bit of my work. I adapted so fast and I am comfortable. My boyfriend recently dumped me when I told him that I work as a morgue attendant. Discrimination is just one of the several challenges I face for being a mortician. The challenges are normal though. No job is immune to challenges regardless its nature.”

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