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... they are causing more death than raising revenue for the stage government.

The Executive Director; Centre For Youth Development and Peace Initiative, Mr. IfeanyiCy Njoku, narrowly escaped death this morning, driving in front of a trailer loaded with diesel, with two commercial Keke operators in front of me, and suddenly emerged an Imo Civil guard official hidden behind the Imo State University (IMSU) bogus roundabout at a sloppy curve along Orji-Okigwe road.

The civil guard looking frustrated with a big wooden stick in his hands, jumped in front of my car, shouting, 'stop or I break your wide-screen' , looking at the trailer behind me, I retorted, "can't you see the trailer, allow me to clear off the roundabout, beside here at the roundabout is dangerous to stop a moving vehicle for whatever reason" . He insisted, luckily for me, the trailer at the back matched it's break with a loud noise, still standing in front of my car, shouting come down, calling on his colleagues who emerged from nowhere. His colleague officer asked that I clear off road making way for the trailer and other moving vehicles, which I did, smartly I was recognized by his colleagues who asked that he should allow me to go.

Trying to find out from the officer why he choose to take a dangerous spot like the IMSU roundabout to stop moving vehicle, not that he was controlling traffic, rather "searching for car documents and what you carry", he threatened that he will slap me if I make any further statement. Thereof, I came out of my car, challenged him, and his colleagues and maybe senior came out and angrily drag him out of my sight while I took the pictures.

I thank Imo sons and daughters who all stopped from where they are going to come in solidarity to me, especially  Paulcy Cyprian Iwuala and those I can't recall their names.

Though, the official traffic warders posted at the spot apologized and condemned the overzealous of the Imo Civil guards, I think it's time the governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha look into these agencies set up by his administration, they are causing more harm than good.

You would recall yesterday, a Keke operator was crushed to death in Owerri along Aba road due to the recklessness of another Imo State government agency, known as Imo ENTRACO, they were chasing the Keke operator and the man and his Keke was thereafter crushed to death by a moving trailer.

So many of such incidents are daily occurrence in Imo, were many lives have been lost to madness, crazy for money and unprofessionalism of emergency but duplicate agencies created by the Imo State government.

It's on record that, there is no Federal agency without it's replica in Imo and even more, they do nothing rather than harassing Imo citizens and unnecessarily extorting money which ends up in the pockets of greedy political actors and player.

While I call on the government of Imo State to do something urgently in disbanding these evil agencies referred as death witch, I call for the discipline of the "drunk and mad infested officer" to deter him from causing untold pains and hardship to road users.

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