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The whole drama was unbelievable. Even some of those who were at the wedding couldn't explain what their eyes saw.  But it happened -- a concubine slapped the groom in full view of the bride and on lookers at a wedding ceremony at the United Church of Zambia St Paul’s congregation in Lusaka, Zambia on Saturday.

The grooms name is Steven Simuyamba. He was given some physical counselling by Angel Tembo, a lady that claimed to be his fiancee, shortly after being pronounced husband to Annie Phiri.
It’s understood that the groom had promised Angel marriage, but she only learnt through an informer that the man she hoped was going to walk down the aisle with had picked another Mrs Right.
The Mtendere township resident rushed to the scene of the nuptials, perhaps after that dreadful announcement when witnesses are called to dispute the union.

And because she has missed an opportune time to jeopardize the ceremony, Angel’s best bet was to plant a slap in the face of the groom. She did not survive the backlash forcing congregants to descend on her clothes. Angel was only saved by some good Samaritans. 
Indeed, wonder shall never end!

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