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A UK-based Nigerian film-maker, Onyeka Nwelue, has launched a thinly veiled attack on rap musician, Phyno for his childish behavior and braggadocio like many other musicians.

The multi-award winning writer took Phyno to the cleaners when he used his Facebook page to reveal counsel the musician who is entangled with a beef with another young Nigeria - Hushpuppi.

He said:
"Phyno is childish. And braggadocio like other musicians. But, we didn't see that yesterday.
In trying to respond to Hushpuppi's banalities, Phyno told us that he bought a house for his mother [and didn't brag about it], which he has now comfortably done. He also bragged about buying a car two years ago for her. He gave us details. We ignored these details he pushed out because we just hate Hushpuppi."  the Prof Stated.

The Assistant Visiting Professor of African Studies & Literature at Manipur University in India, disclosed further that:

"I have a lot of people who are close to Phyno on my wall, but if they get mad, it is their headache. Even those who love him too much, but the love you have for Phyno does not stop me from seeing him as a child. A baby! He is no different from Hushpuppi. Only that Hushpuppi does not bark or sing!
You buy pant and bra for your mother, you brag about it as achievement? Oh wow!" he concluded.

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