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According to an eyewitness, there was tension in Government House roundabout, Owerri popularly known as Okigwe roundabout. Our source gathered that a commercial bus driver created a big scene having a showdown with Police Traffic Warders who terrorise motorist at the aforementioned junction, not necessarily controlling traffic but looking for offenders to extort money from.

The commercial bus driver, who was beaten blue and black, with broken heads for refusing to follow the traffic warders to their office at Shell Camp Police Station, Owerri decided to run under a vehicle for his life to be taken instead of following the traffic warders who had taken his bus to their station.

The ugly incident drew the attention of road users and caused great traffic gridlock for more than 30mins before users appealed to him to come out.

Read eyewitness account:

"A scene at Okigwe roundabout as police had a showdown  with a motorist. The impunity of policemen at that junction is so unbearable.

After molestation and showdown,  the guy with his head broken and gush of blood from his head decided to run under a vehicle for his life to be taken. He was there for a while till people started pleading with him to come out...... and after that he was dragged to the police station....... and...".


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