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The race for the Ehime Mbano /Ihitte Uboma /Obowo Federal Constituency seat in 2019 will be exciting, as political horse- tradings and Strategies keep unfolding.

According to available information, the position will be a straight fight between Hon Emeka Nwajiuba and the incumbent, Hon Chike Okafor, both of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Sources told Trumpeta that Nwajiuba is being propelled by the APC hierarchy in Abuja to take a shot at the Ehime Mbano /Ihitte Uboma /Obowo Federal Constituency seat once more, having represented the zones years ago.

It was learnt that Nwajiuba's latest ambition is part of the general strategy of APC to compensate the South East in 2019, and give a sense of belonging to the region.

Trumpeta was told that the powers that be want Nwajiuba to be elected Federal House member first, from where he would be made Speaker of the Green chamber.
But Nwajiuba will first emerge APC candidate before facing the electorate in the general election.  Therefore, the hurdle before Nwajiuba and the tall dream of speakership is the man presently representing the Federal Constituency, Hon Chike Okafor.

Despite the permutations and rumors about Imo Governorship in 2019, the Ehime Mbano /Ihitte Uboma /Obowo Federal Constituency have asked their son, Deacon Chike Okafor to return to the House in 2019 and continue the good job.

Therefore, under this scenario, what happens to Nwajiuba's ambition and those who are projecting him?

Trumpeta learnt that the situation is too dicey for Nwajiuba now, as a majority of the Federal Constituency believes that Okafor has done well as a first timer and will do even much better when he returns in 2019.

Therefore,  it becomes a herculean task for Nwajiuba to dislodge Okafor from the tight grip on the Federal Constituency, much more when he is seen as Governor Rochas Okorocha's "Boy"  as against Nwajiuba thought to one of the proverbial "Abuja politicians" which Okorocha have been accusing of making life miserable for his administration.

However, Trumpeta has it on ground authority that in order to remove Okafor's eye from the "Ball"  in 2019, a mouth-watering proposal is being prepared for him, so tempting that he would not reject. But until that time comes, what is unfolding shows that the race for Ehime Mbano/Ihitte Uboma /Obowo Federal seat will be fierce, because both Okafor and Nwajiuba are loved by their people.

What is yet to be seen is how Okafor, who is the Chairman of Health Committee in the House in his first outing as lawmaker, could accept an option to leave the seat for Nwajiuba.

To assemble enough financial war chest for the battle, Nwajiuba was appointed Chairman of TETFUND,  an A grade Commission that is a money spinner.

And for Okafor, his numerous goodwill among his people is still fresh and he has also amassed enough funds to stand toe against any challenge and challengers.

Therefore, the die is cast for Ehime Mbano /Ihitte Uboma /Obowo Federal Constituency in 2019 election.

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