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In view of the mounting opposition against Governor Rochas Okorocha over the allegation that he has intention of installing his Chief of Staff and Son-in-law, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu as successor in office, two top allies of the governor are said to be exciting the number one citizen of the state to be his option B in 2019.

Various opposition groups and persons, especially in the state arm of APC are seriously condemning and kicking any attempt for Okorocha to hand over power to Nwosu in 2019. A group, the Imo Equity Movement, advocating for a Governor of Owerri Zone extraction in 2019, is strongly against Nwosu's Orlu Zone agenda allegedly propagated by the governor. While one of its leaders, Hon Uche Onyeagocha accuses Okorocha of planning a "Third Term"  by plotting to install the Son-in-law, others are beating war drums to stop the governor.

Against the backdrop of these unpleasant comments, Okorocha the political maradona  is said to be earnestly shopping for fresh persons for consideration. Authoritative government house sources however disclosed that the House of Representatives member representing Okigwe South (Ehime-mbano, Ihitte Uboma, Obowo) Federal constituency, Hon Deacon Chike John Okafor and the Secretary to the State Government, Sir George Eche are close to the heart of the governor to emerge as successor.
It was gathered that the two are ranked high as they are Chief crusaders of the Rescue Mission political group under the control of Okorocha.  The initial fear of the governor for allegedly plotting to install the Son-in-law and his Chief of Staff, Chief Uche Nwosu, is about trust and confidence. But having worked for few years with Okafor and Eche, Okorocha is said to be convinced that the duo if giving separate chances to be at the helm of affairs of the state will protect the interest of the governor.

Though Okafor has been under pressure by his constituents and APC stakeholders in Okigwe South to have another slot at the green chamber of the Federal House of Representatives in 2019, Okorocha may go after him for governorship race.  Our government House sources revealed that the quest for Okafor to have another slot in the Reps is diversionary and intended to keep his attackers off the truck for now. After serving Okorocha as Commissioner for four years, Trumpeta has it on good authority that the former finance commissioner who visited the anti-graft agencies like EFCC and ICPC for the sake of the Okorocha’s government between 2011 - 2015, has the capacity to hold on for the governor if he leaves Douglas House, in 2019.

Another thing going for the former Zenith Bank manager, Prince Okafor that excites Okorocha is his youthful age and charismatic dispositions. The governor has not hidden his preference for the emergence of a governor that would not be more than 50 years. The Prince from Umuokeh Obowo is about 47 years.

The brilliant form, Okafor showcased during the 2015 House of Representatives election where he braced the odds to win Okigwe South stronghold of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is another selling point Okorocha is considering, to look the way of the former banker, who is the chairman of House of Representatives Committee on Healthcare Services at the National Assembly.

As a novice in partisan politics, Okorocha is trying to throw in his SSG , Sir George Eche into the rings for the governorship race. Trumpeta reliably gathered told that since Eche from Ngor Okpala Local Government Area is fresh in the murky waters of politics, he does not possess enormous "baggage" and "political sins"  to earn the rage of the masses and become "unsaleable" during election.  Moreso, it is said that since he is a newcomer, Okorocha has intention to empower him and become his "god-father"  and guide him in politics.  Beside, Eche will not only be a good gift to Owerri Zone who has been clamoring for equity in sharing of the office of the governor, but is said to be a professional in management of money as a former Accountant General who knew how money moved during the governor's first tenure.

The SSG is also young and his age fits into the category the governor earmarks for his successor. So far, the Ngor Okpala born APC leader has been a loyal aide to the governor gradually passing the crucibles of political growth for future political destination. His recent moves of ensuring the cross carpeting of PDP stalwarts in Ngor Okpala LGA to APC is a big plus. While Okafor is likely to have present Chief of Staff, Nwosu to pair with as Deputy if Okorocha’s 'option A' meets a brickwall , Eche is touted to be paired with someone else.

Meanwhile, our sources revealed that there are underground plots to frustrate the current Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere and keep him off track from possessing necessary logistics to run for next governorship race. Indications are rife that Okorocha is not disposed to having Madumere take over proceedings after him.

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