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*Opens up on Nworie River Dredging, Oguta Wonder Lake Resort, Imo boulevard, Oak Refinery and Midwest Airlines

The former governor of Imo Dr. Ikedi Ohakim has replied to a Facebook user, Mr Best Nnodim from Ngor Okpala LGA who took to Facebook, in a comment to the former Governor's post seeking for an explanations on most of the controversial signature projects of the Ohakim's administration like the Nworie River dredging, Oguta Wonder Lake Resort, Imo Boulevard, Oak Refinery and Midwest Airlines and others.

But in a swift reaction, the former Governor drew the critics attention to the previous private message he sent him through Facebook inbox were he provided answers on the subject matter, saying "And I had educated you on the facts when you sent me same privately".

Satisfied with responses he got from the immediate past Governor, Mr Nnodim Best, opted to share same on Facebook comments thread the private inbox message from Governor Ohakim.

Read the conversations here:

Best Nnodim fired first bullet:

"In 2011 when Rochas Okorocha became the governor, I wrote this to him
 "Rochas Okorocha, pls avoid the mistakes of ohakim on projects thats are not existing, something Ohakim administration is noted for. Remember Nworie River dredging, Oguta Wonder Lake Resort, Imo boulevard, Oak refinery and Midwest Airlines and others.
We have suffered greatly in Ngor Okpala"
This is 2017, I would want His Excellency, fmr governor Ikedi Ohakim to educate me on these items listed. Let's criticise constructively for all to know Ohakim better."

Ikedi Ohakim swiftly reacted :

"And I had educated you on the facts when you sent me same privately"

Best Nnodim brought out an expository Facebook inbox response from the former Governor, feeling satisfied with answers he got:

"His Excellency's response  to my post. I have no doubt that Ikedi Ohakim is a man I have come to love. Hear him

"Best Nnodim what you wrote on your wall in 2011 was very wrong and will I used the words "you were misinformed". The dredging of the Nworie River was an NDDC project not a project of the Imo State Government under my watch. The funds were provided and work was going on till we left. Afterwards the current government abandoned the project, so who do you blame, my Administration that attracted the contract and it's funding or the Administration that abandoned it? Today they are simply dredging and selling sand at Nworie instead of the vision I had for that place. The Oguta Wonder lake Resort was an ongoing project for which my Administration had secured the funding for it and that money was left behind for the current Administration who subsequently abandoned it and diverted the money into private uses. Who do you blame, a government that secured over N18billion for a project that would have turned Imo State into a tourist hub or the Administration that abandoned the vision and diverted the money? The Imo boulevard, Oak refinery among other projects my Administration was trying to bring to our people were all abandoned after we left. The vision was there, the connection to make them happen was there and we were making things happen if only our people had not been fooled into losing faith in us. Every project I ever initiated I had intentions of seeing go through. Our allocation during my Administration was less than 1.5billion a month and from there I ensured salaries were paid on time and pensions were paid. Did you ever hear civil servants complain of nonpayment of salaries or pensioners complain that their pensions were slashed by 60%. Today, Imo State receives over 7billion in allocation, grants and bailouts monthly yet salaries are owed and slashed and over 80months of pensions are owed and slashed while projects we initiated that would have provided jobs for our youths and bettered the lives of the people of Imo State are abandoned for building of empty structures that bring no revenue to the state or provide jobs to our youths"

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