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Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho yesterday at the Emirate Stadium broke two of his long-standing records after losing for the first time in 15 competitive games against Arsenal and his old foe Arsene Wenger.

Jose Mourinho who conceded defeat in the quest for a top-four finish in the English Premier league, however, wrote off United's top-four hopes and vowed to focus on reaching the Champions League by winning the Europa League.

His team are 1-0 ahead in a semi-final against Celta Vigo with the second leg to come on Thursday at Old Trafford before they return to the Premier League at Tottenham on Sunday.

'Impossible, it's all on the Europa League,' said Mourinho. 'Two reasons. I don't think the others playing one match a week are going to lose. And because we go with everything on Thursday and cannot go with everything at Tottenham.

'Go with everything at Tottenham and it is difficult. Without everything it's more difficult. Then we have Southampton and Crystal Palace. I don't think we have any chance of the top four.

'We have to chase the Champions League by trying to win the Europa League.'

 'We had the game under control and I'm very happy with the players. I made changes, not to improve my team but to give people a rest. They surprised me in a positive way. Their mentality was fantastic, always in the game and fighting.'

'Finally I leave this stadium with Arsenal fans happy,' said Manchester United boss Mourinho after losing for the first time in 15 competitive games against Arsenal and his old foe Arsene Wenger.

'Arsenal fans are happy and I am happy for them. It is the first time I leave here and they are happy. And I am happy because they are an amazing club.

'I leave Highbury and they were crying. I leave the Emirates and they were crying, walking in the streets with heads low. Today they leave waving their scarves.

'Arsenal is a big club. You think I enjoy a big club like Arsenal not winning trophies? I don't enjoy it. But today I tried to win.

'Arsene Wenger is not a small manager, he's a big manager, to have that record of winning so many matches [against him] is not normal. Normal is win, lose, draw. I really don't care about it today.

'We had no problems. We shook hands before the game and after the game, and during the game I don't like what I never like, he puts too much pressure on the fourth official. Every time.'

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