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Former Imo Satate Governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim has decried how over one million Imolites stayed at home during the last election, and yet, complaining to day about bad governance.
Dr. Ohakim disclosed this in a new Facebook post he made yesterday, while advising Nigerian Citizens to get registered if they have not done so.

He wrote:

“In 2019 we will go to the polls, to elect our federal and state representatives, our senators, our governors and our president. Your only moral right to complain when your elected representatives aren't representing you properly is when you participated in the process of putting them there in the first place. During the last election, over one million eligible voters in Imo State stayed at home. Throughout the South-East it was the same. Why then do we complain if government isn't serving you the way you want when you refused to exercise your right when it was given to you? Many of us believe their votes don't count, it does and it is the only power you have to make sure you get the best people to lead you. The voter's registration have started once again affording you that chance to take your future into your own hands and safeguard the future of your children. It's time to ensure that your voice is heard so I urge you all to ensure you get registered if you have not done so. Good morning to you and God bless.”

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