Former Imo Sate Governor Chief Dr. Ikedi Ohakim has decried that the incumbent Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha attacks him publicly. He stated this in a recent interview with Saturday Sun, dated today, 6th May, 2017. When asked why he made his letter to the Governor public, Chief Ohakim replied:

"First, I did not make it an open letter. I merely made copies available to some leaders in the state and beyond, owing to the nature of the issues I discussed. If I wanted to make it an open letter, I would have taken newspaper advertorials to publish the letter. The newspapers might have naturally stumbled on the letter and decided to publish it as part of public service. In any case, why the fuss on whether it was an open or closed letter?'

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Chief Ohakim also declared how Former Leaders of the State, including himself are not being invited to State functions that are of State interest. He said:

"Go and ask Governor Okorocha whether he has ever invited me to any government function. I am not the only person. The latest example was during the visit of the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, to Imo State to address some issues concerning the Niger Delta. id not deem it fit to invite any of those representing the oil producing areas in the National Assembly. You may recall that the people of the oil- producing area in the state protested against the non invitation of their representatives to the meetings with the vice president. That’s just an example."

When asked about his access to Okorocha, Chief Ohakim said:

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"The talk about having access to Governor Okorocha is bunkum. In any case, the governor, as I said in the letter, is fond of attacking me publicly. So, why would I now start running after him, when he seizes every opportunity to denigrate and insult me openly. Governor Okorocha would not address any public gathering without mentioning how I failed. In the incident that partly led to my latest letter, he just took the microphone and started abusing me. When I read the report in the newspapers, I made inquiries to ascertain the circumstances under which he poured such invectives on me. I discovered it was just from the blues. He was talking about his road projects and just from nowhere, he veered off to me. Nobody asked him any question about Ikedi Ohakim. There is a gallery at the Government House where the photographs of past governors are displayed. Up till now, mine is conspicuously missing. And you would ask, why? That’s the person they say I have access to."

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