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By Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

Something historic happened today which might have escaped the attention of so many on this street

Not only that history was made today, Acting president Prof Osibanjo won the hearts of many and shows why he is the president of the future.

So here we go

The Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation today held a conference to mark 50 years since Nigerian experienced the Biafran War. The event was tagged ‘Memory & Nation Building; Biafra: 50 years After’, or #Biafra50.

The Acting president Prof Osibanjo was the special guest of honour In an event organized to honour the memory of Biafra

Not only that he honored the event with his esteemed presence, he also shared an emotional story of his experiences growing up during the war, telling the story of a childhood friend named Emeka, that he never saw again. He went on to say that he was not telling people to let bygones be bygones nor to just forget the past but made a case for all Nigerians to come together. He said it was time for a new generation of Nigerians to take a different and more ennobling route than those before them. No one stands to benefit from divisiveness, he said, we will all be losers.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a radical departure from the past seeing the number 1 citizen in the country openly discussing Biafra. Something that has never happened before In the history of this county.

This is how Venture Africa reported it:

"There was a point during Professor Osinbajo’s speech that it became clear he was breaking away from the federal government’s policies on the issue of Biafra. That was when he reaffirmed the rights of Nigerians to fully discuss and negotiate the terms of our unity. It is something Nigerian public officials have formed the habit of not doing, the subject has been treated with so much disdain and contempt that people who even entertain the idea of Biafra are looked down upon and told to “go back to Biafra.”

 The Acting president's rousing and reflective speech indeed struck a chord in the hearts of many and with happened today, the Acting president has made a statement of intent the kind of leader he  is.

Prof Osibanjo made a profound statement by endorsing  rights of Nigerians to desire more and to work for a country that works and this is  exactly the kind of president that Nigeria  needs.

Well done to the Acting President.

It is my fervent belief that today's conversation will usher in another era where we can comfortably discuss our disturbing past without being made to appear little by those who may not relate to your pains.

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