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TStv Africa

By Kizito Duru.

The picture and story of a young girl who died while having sex with a self made sex toy from a cassava product has gone viral on social media, with many criticizing and condemning her actions while some went farther by laying curses of her dead body.

Friends have sought for my opinion on the disturbing incident. To start with I will not condemn her, no I won't, I did rather condemn the society she found herself in. Before now, we heard about the CUCUMBER SAGA, now it is CASSAVA. Thes are cases made public,what about others that are going on in out neighbourhoods that we are ignorant of?

If you ask me, I would say that the main cause of this 'evil' in our country is our stereotyped view about SEX. Yes, this cassava lady properly was sex starved, she needed someone to go down with, the urge may had been much on her but perhaps, she was considering her church, her background and culture, she decided to do it her way, so that she won't be called a flirt. We live in a country where you don't discuss sex in public, we live in a country where sex is said to be a certificate to hell, a country where a lady cannot express her feelings to a guy freely, a country where sex MUST be initiated by the guys, a country where if you are  caught writing creative and beautiful love letters in secondary school, you would be expelled as a spoilt child whereas you were exhibiting poetic talents in you. A country where a lady uses her hands to close her eyes when you undress her, apparently feeling shy, happy, sad, guilty and fulfilled at the same time. A country where the words  RAPE AND VIRGINITY are for the girls only.

A country where we mock 'unwanted' pregnancy and treat both the mother and the child as low class people. A country where you are suppose to learn about SEX only when you marry, a country were undergraduates cannot comfortably pick their lovers phone calls in their presence of their parents. A country where a customer who wants to buy condoms exchanges signs and body gestures  to a pharmacist because he doesn't want the next person beside him to know that he is buying condoms.  A country where if a custom mistakenly falls from your wallet, it means you are irresponsible.

A country that clamours for SEX EDUCATION yet sees Pornographic materials as SIN. A country where Sexual libido is seen as Demonic manipulation. A country where a man cannot naturally Look lustfully to a Lady without receiving the insult of his Life. A country where parents tell the kids to close their eyes to television tomance.

If those girls had had a sexually fulfilled lives, there wouldn't be need for Cucumber and cassava to do the work of a penis.


I live in a country where I will be insulted for writing this, where I will be called an agent of devil and bla bla bla........

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