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My dear brother Uche Nwosu before I go any further, I must first address an anomaly in your supposed title. There is no office in Nigeria as the office of the Chief of Staff to the Government. You are Chief of Staff to your father-in-law the Governor and as such you are not even supposed to be a member of the State Executive Council if due process and rule of law were to be adhered to.

I'm finding it hard to understand the letter supposedly written by you as a form of reply to the one written by the former Governor of Imo State Chief Dr Ikedi Ohakim and how it relates to your office as the Chief of Staff to the Governor. If we are to follow due process which unfortunately this Government isn't known for, the reply would have come from the Executive Governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Okorocha but since he seem to lack the ability to join words on paper and make a fitting response, his Chief Press Secretary Sam Onwuemodo should be the one saddled with the duty of responding to the letter. This goes to show the type of government being run in Imo State where nobody knows their duty and constantly overstep into the duties of others.

Coming to your reference to Senator Hope Uzodinma writing letters to Rochas Okorocha,  it is no secret that Hope Uzodinma  is a silent partner of the Okorocha Government, a role he played in the 2015 election when he  worked against his party's gubernatorial aspirant Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and leading to PDP's defeat. Hope does not need to write letter because he has direct access to see his partner in betrayal anytime he wants so why bother writing letters? I dare you Uche Nwosu to show us one of such letters purportedly written by Hope Uzodinma since in the era of full disclosure which democracy affords us, any letter written that concerns the people should be made open to the people.

Uche Nwosu I ask you, who is Senator Hope Uzodinma? Who is Ikedi Ohakim? You cannot compare both of them. Hope is simply a senator who unfortunately his tenure representing the good people of Orlu seems dedicated to his pocket and that of his close allies. He is entitled to say or do anything that concerns the people of Orlu for now whereas Chief Dr Ikedi Ohakim was a former Governor of the state with a broader and far wider horizon. You can not use Hope Uzodinma as reference. Perhaps if you had referred to Chief Achike Udenwa we might have listened to your petty lies but then Chief Achike Udenwa have never hidden his dislike for the highly corrupt rulership of Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

Coming to your request that Chief Ikedi Ohakim should visit Owelle once in a while to advice him in private, I want to ask a question, does Owelle attack the name of Chief Ikedi Ohakim in private? When he makes foolish remarks against the former Governor of the state in an effort to cure his legendary complex problem, does he do it in secret? Why then should Chief Ikedi Ohakim advice him in secret? Tomorrow we will hear that Ohakim came to beg Rochas rather than telling the truth that he came to advice him so I think this approach is better.

I however want to point out something to you Uche and dare you to refute it. You people were responsible for the leaking of those letters to the press. Like in the first letter when we all knew was released from sources in the government all in a ploy to spend over N50MILLION in media publications to compare the government's of Ohakim and Okorocha. If Rochas Okorocha is eager to compare with somebody, he should compare with the performance of his contemporaries in Anambra, Ebonyi and even Abia who are gradually leaving Imo behind in the area of economic and structural development.

Now my dear brother Uche Nwosu I want to ask you, was there anything in Ohakim's letter that is untrue? Is there anything in that letter that your new friend Fcc Jones have not written about over the years? Mr. Jones who you are suddenly wining and dining with after you most recently bought his conscience had dedicated so many articles outlining the corruption and decay of this administration. Is there anything Ohakim wrote in that letter that Jones had not tackled you about over the years and can you tell us right now that Ohakim's information was incorrect?

In Nov 10, 2015 Fcc had this beautiful article dedicated to you:
Earlier today, one of Uche Nwosu's boys put up pictures of Uche Nwosu with some obviously jobless sycophants who signed off as members of the Ugwumba Movement, as they paid a SOLIDARITY visit to their principal, Mr. Uche Nwosu, Son-in-law to the Governor of Imo State and Chief of staff to the State Government.
Solidarity visit for what? For sitting atop the committee that handled the over 30 Billion Naira bailout fund, yet majority of Imo workers are yet to receive their salaries for several months running? Solidarity visit? Yet, our senior citizens are yet to receive their pensions for over ten months now, and our Governor is bothered that they are not dying fast enough?Solidarity visit? Yet, we are yet to be told of the whereabouts of a certain cook who allegedly disappeared into thin air with about five Billion Naira of our bailout funds?
Just as that very insulting update was still fresh in the minds of our people, another one came from another media personnel of the Deputy Governor, reporting that hundreds of what he termed Rescue apostles or something like that have being sponsored with our money to travel to Abuja in a chattered flight, while our youths are so jobless they cannot even afford a bicycle ride to Owerri, and they are about now resting their heads in five star hotels, just because another in-law of Governor Okorocha will be sworn in tomorrow as a Minister.
Our Governor says he cannot appoint Commissioners and other relevant political officers, because the State is experiencing an economic crunch, yet there is enough money for jamboree, as long as his in-laws are concerned.

On Nov 9, 2015 he still had this to say:
The Chief of Staff to the Imo State Government and son-in-law to the Governor, Mr. Uche Nwosu, his media staff and lawyers have got their jobs cut out for them in their bid to sue all those who dared publish the story of missing money from his house.
You may recall that Uche Nwosu's lawyers had written what can better be described a threat letter to some local newspapers who were the first to break that story, requesting that they retract the story or face legal action. While some of his thugs have gone ahead to declare Comrade Nwadike Precious U WANTED for putting his foot on the ground over that story.
Today, the AUTHORITY NEWSPAPER, a new but well read national daily published by one of Nigeria's wealthiest men, Ifeanyi Uba has published the same story and raised the same questions I raised.
Uche Nwosu should send his lawyers and thugs after all of us, because we are not ever going to keep quiet till we get to know where our bailout money is.

On July 31, 2014 he still dedicated another piece:
Yesterday, I was invited with some other people to join in an interactive cum clarifications session with the Imo State Commissioner for lands, survey and urban planning and the de facto 'Governor' of Imo State Hon. Uche Nwosu. I prepared some tentative questions I planned to ask him and also some bargains for me to become more friendly with the government. Because of the honourable commissioner's very tight schedule, I did not have the time and space to ask these questions and make these recommendations. However, I will want to put them out, here and wait for you to add some of your own suggestions, in case, I happen to meet him again. This, I doubt, though.
1. Why has the Governor, your father-in-law and mentor not been well advised on anything, since he became the Governor of Imo State? This particular question is predicated on my conviction that the Governor has failed to get anything perfectly right since he became the Governor of Imo State.
2. Why has the Governor, your father-in-law, decided to deceive Imolites in everything he does? This is because, our Governor has the infamous record of being the Governor who has lied to us the most, in the history of this State.
3. What do you as honourable Commissioner for lands have to say about the unending accusations from various quarters against your person, office and this government at large concerning the massive land grabbing, displacement and other land related illegalities? While I am aware of the Honourable Commissioner's many explanations on this issue across the media, the peoples of various communities like Ogboko, Urualla, Owerri Nchi Ise, Nekede, Irete, Avu and many others have continued to cry foul over this government's unfavourable land acquisition policy. Some of the stakeholders have actually accused the Honourable commissioner and his cronies of converting these lands to their personal properties.
4. How did you come about your sudden wealth? This question is very necessary considering the stupendous aplomb in which ex-Comrade Uche is now swimming in. I needed to know the secrets, because I am also interested in becoming that wealthy as fast as possible.
I am aware that the honourable Commissioner was interested in bringing some of us over to the side of the government, and I am sure I can be bought over by this government. Hence, I stipulated my price as follows:
1. Let the government begin to tell Imolites the truth and desist forthwith from this deceitful approach to governance.
2. Let there be a reliable approach to youth empowerment in the State. This should start with the immediate recall of all the 10,000 job beneficiaries. regularizing the appointment of the various youths he has engaged. Abolish the irrelevant Imo Security Network and convert the boys to a more useful purpose.(it is my belief that the Imo Security Network is a breeding ground for political thugs and possible terrorists).The Imo Civil Guard should be subsumed into the more relevant and legally recognized Imo Orientation Corps.
3. Resolve all pending land disputes between the government and some communities. This should be done in all fairness to the communities concerned.
4. Invest more in guaranteeing qualitative education through massive recruitment of qualified teachers for our primary and secondary schools and ensuring that excellence is emphasized in all the State run tertiary institutions in the State. Imo State must return to its number one spot in the WAEC/NECO list of best performing States. While our alma mater, the IMO STATE UNIVERSITY, OWERRI, must recover its enviable ranking as the best State university in Nigeria.
5. Resolve all labour disputes with Imo public servants, especially our brothers in ITC, IBC, IMO CONCORDE HOTEL, Umuguma General Hospital and all the other unions. It is also important that the State government desists forthwith from tampering with the salaries of teachers and other civil servants in the fraudulent guise of subsidizing free education in the State.
6. That the Governor refunds all the monies that have been fraudulently written off for road constructions in the State, as there is not a single road constructed in this State by the present government that is worth tax payers money. It is also not negotiable that the government must recover all the billions of Naira that he admitted paying some foreign friends of his, who never did a single job. Jpros, The Akachi 5 billion Naira and others.
7. That all the monstrous temples which this government constructs at most junctions in the State is demolished to allow for freer flow of traffic and also all pedestrian bridges constructed with bricks be demolished and any money expended on their construction refunded to the State. This is because we cannot tolerate such mind blowing waste.
8. That all monies collected from various autonomous communities for the creation of ISIEC wards is returned to the communities, and elections into the LGA councils conducted. Also, all illegally suspended local government officials should be paid their arrears of entitlements.
9. That the Governor should leave the All Progressives Congress (APC)and pitch his tent with a more progressive and patriotic political Party.
There are more, but w can start with those. And you will see me singing this government's praises to the highest heavens.
There are many more from where these came from all written by your new found "friend" Fcc Jones.

Let me ask you Uche, did COREN wrongfully declare the flyover supposedly "completed" by the Okorocha administration as unsafe? If you disagree with their assessment why then have that flyover remained closed to the public for over a year after its supposed completion?

The Nwaorie River is gradually drying up because of the culverts builts over them in the form of bridges by your administration. The idea of the bridges is good but whatever is worth doing is worth doing right and Chief Ikedi Ohakim is very right to point this error out which is destroying one of our heritage.

I am yet to see a road constructed under this administration that have not fallen apart or started developing potholes in a matter of months after its construction. Some even start falling apart while the contractor is still on site. In Anambra for instance you see roads that are years old without a single pothole showing the level of quality and standard of work done.
Are Civil servants not being owed? Up till now Imo civil servants are yet to receive March salaries. In 2015 civil servants were owed up to ten months of salaries and Buhari had to bailout your government. Today workers salaries are being slashed by 50%. In Anambra today, civil servants are not only paid on time but their salaries are being increased. Anambra was far being Imo State before 2011 but today Imo State cannot compare with Anambra both economically or infrastructurally.
Last week pensioners stormed the High Court where the NBA was now spearheading a suit against your government for trying to steal the hardwork of those old men and women. Uche, as somebody who got your billions by virtue of marrying the Governor's daughter you might not appreciate hardwork nor understand that no government should joke with the pensioners and their entitlements for which they dedicated years of their lives in service so that you can find yourself where you are today. Today our pensioners are abandoned to die in poverty and misery. Never in our history have Imo State pensioners had it this bad. Tell me Uche, if your father were to be a pensioner and you were not as rich as you are now, would you want anybody to treat your father the way Okorocha is treating the fathers and mothers of other sons and daughters of this state who weren't fortunate as you are to marry into the Okorocha family?  What kind of human being does such a thing to his fellow human being?

Go to IMSU and the Imo State University Teaching Hospital and you'll see skeletal academic activities as they have lost accreditation to many of their courses and the students don't even know what the future holds for them in those courses and rather than spend money to adequately equip IMSU and the Teaching Hospital, your government embarked on the building of a private university at the Governor's hometown with state funds. Does that sound like the actions of a right thinking person?

IMO State judiciary are being owed while court orders have been repeatedly disobeyed by the government of Rochas Okorocha. Today aides of the government are in hiding having been declared wanted by the court for copying their boss and disobeying court orders.

Have you been to the market lately? The goods are there but no money to buy them. When civil servants are not paid their salaries traders cannot sell their products. Most traders now have to sell on credit hoping that when your government eventually pays the civil servants they too will be paid. How then can Imo economy grow?

Armed robbery is now on the rise in the state as well as kidnapping because of the harsh economic situation our youths now find themselves in. Rather than find ways to get our youths gainfully employed the Okorocha Government had sacked those who were employed by Ohakim and have been looking for excuses since then to sack more civil servants. Even the so-called 25,000 Okorocha claimed he had employed were sacked immediately he entered his second tenure. This administration is characterised by cases of sacks rather than job creation and employment. How then won't the crime rate grow?

Government is supposed to protect the lives and property of the people not threaten people with exile so that they can take away the person's property. Nobody has the right to banish a son of Imo State from his fatherland.

Everything Chief Ikedi Ohakim had said in his letter is the exact state of affairs in Imo State today and we the people where looking forward to reading a thank you letter from you with a promise to look into the areas he had mentioned rather than the show of shame in the form of responses we have been seeing.

If Ikedi Ohakim doesn't speak out, who will speak for the people? As a man with great love for the people and seeing the suffering the people of Imo State are going through he is duty-bound to speak out. It is the duty of any leader to speak out when he sees things are not going right in the society. Okenye ana gi ano n'ulo ewu amuo na obu.

Is it now a crime to speak out when you see things going wrong? Are we no longer in a democratic setting where we have the right to air our views or have Imo State returned to the military era where nobody has the right to talk? It is very disappointing that this government responds with hostility at any advice offered to it by anybody. Rather than even consider the advice given, the Okorocha Government attacks the person rendering advice to it. No wonder very few great sons and daughters of this state even bother to advice the Eze-onye-agwalam 1 of Imo State as they keep praying that his regime come to an end and let somebody more open to taking advice take over and set things right.

If you had simply called your urchins to order which the concluding part of your letter was trying to do where you admitted that none of them and even you can stand tall before the former Governor, I wouldn't have deemed it necessary to reply you but giving reference to a turncoat like Hope Uzodinma or trying to tell Chief Ikedi Godson Ohakim, a former Governor of Imo State and a major stakeholder in this state in a democratic setting not to write an open letter to the Governor is an insult to the entire people of Imo State.

I will henceforth advice you Uche Nwosu to stick to your job description even though it's very clear you don't know what the office is all about and leave the letter writing to those tasked with doing that job.

Thanks you and God bless you
Egwuom Chimezie Jeph

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