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Turkish Airlines welcomed an unexpected passenger in the middle of a flight from Guinea’s capital of Conakry to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Cabin crew on the airplane sprang into action on Friday when Nafi Diaby, a woman who was 28-weeks pregnant, went into labor during the flight, according to NBC News.

They were able to successfully deliver the baby girl, who was named Kadiju, as the mother laid across a row of seats.

The airline shared the happy news on Twitter Friday, showing pictures of the flight attendants posing with the baby wrapped in a grey blanket.

“Welcome on board Princess!” Turkish Airlines captioned a collage of photo on Twitter, including a graphic of a plane acting as a stork to deliver a baby girl. “Applause goes to our cabin crew!”

“The lady was in great pain,” cabin attendant Bouthayna Inanir said, according to the Hurriyet Daily News. “And then the baby was on the seat. This was the hardest part. I had to grab the baby. I took her and give her to the mother.”

The mother and newborn were in good health but taken to hospital to be kept under observation when the Boeing 737 landed in the West African nation on Friday, according to NBC News.

Turkish Airlines states on their website that women in their 28th week of pregnancy or later require a note from a doctor stating they are safe to fly and confirming the expected date of birth. The airline doesn’t allow women to fly if they are 36 weeks pregnant or more.

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